Sunday 160: Your Sin, My Pain! for image credit

Every time in my absence,
you come,
snatch him and do brain washes
to feel good,
you suck blood,
like witches,
you make my life
hard with bad mood!


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man. Who used to host this meme but stopped, I love challenges such as this, try one if you can please!

I used the character calculator

Nature Is Magical (Rice Wood=Yang Miao, Ripen Rice=Mi, Cooked Rice=Mi Fan, Bread=Mian Bao, Flour=Mian Feng)

In my younger and more vulnerable years,
I’ve already been moved by magic in nature that brings forth cheers:
Open your eyes,
You will see nature as a wizard in disguise:
Bean sprouts pop out from buried seeds,
Overcoming the barriers set by nasty weeds;
Birds’ singing echoes near a nest,
Wishing new births the best;
Pink blossoms are all over boughs,
Oxes in the field proudly pull their plows;
Shadows dance on the tree house where kids played,
Kittens nap under the willow tree’s shade;
Snow is gone,
The earth is brown and young;
Spring breeze tickles your ears,
Valentine love is of bright ideas!
Nature is magical,
Wonders and wizardry come as a miracle.


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The Freshmen Togetherness Tomorrow Nights, Will Be On Newspaper Sunday…Welcome! (For Short Story Slam)

Bluebell Books Twitter Club: Short Story Slam Week 27: Locations and Sensations

Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 72 (September 5 -12, 2012)

Funny Bunny Fridays Week 12: The September Humor

There is a freshmen Fallin party this weekend,
Students who would spend their first college year
at University of Washington, Seattle are invited
by letter mails, and we cannot wait to see those
youthful faces, shining with energy, enthusiasms,
and branches of knowledge in their hometowns…

There will be Italian pepperoni pizzas, Chicago tacos,
Austin cowboy chips, Santa Fe chicken strips,
Hong Kong style biscuits, and lots of beverages,
such as coke, pepsi, juice, punch, water, and
beers, we also have skim milk for vegetarians,
we will share, talk, echo some wholesome songs,
dance with pop songs aromas in ears until
eyeballs become too tired to open…


Traditional students are welcome too…some expert will
photography our event and place in morning news
on Sunday News Press…you may buy a copy
of the paper from a bookstore, or a gas station…
See ya tomorrow, much love and blessing!

Loveliest of Tomato Vines (Bluebell Twitter Club Short Story Slam Week 26)

Bluebell Books Twitter Club Thursday Short Story Slam Week 26

loveliest of tomato vines, the fruit now
is hung with green leaves along the bough,
and elegantly stand week after week,
in the backyard of Berry creek.
Remembering the tiny happenings in bloom
in summer’s delightful garden room,
Reminding me of forty-five summer’s talent show
until each leaf turns brown in snow.