Theresa Burke (Austin, Texas, 1997-2000)

Cast circa 1998

First Row: Tyus, Amy, Brad, Jimmy, Virginia, Casey, Sara, Hank, Joan, Tim

Second Row: Francesca, Ricardo, Gabi, Leo, A.J., Bette, Emily, Sean, Caitlin, Cole 

Third Row: Antonio, Maria, Ben, Meg, Annie, Gregory, Olivia, Michael, Vanessa

Theresa Burke(r),
Taylor Boomer,
They share the same initial,
Because to Taylor, Theresa is special,
From August to December, 1997,
Taylor’s life was made Heaven,
Theresa’d given Taylor a teaching assistant
position, with her pregnant
in Austin, Texas as a wife,
What fulfilling life!!!
Deborah was good to Taylor too,
Taylor’s blessed, so do You!


Sunset Beach, which is the name of a soap opera I watched during 1996-1997 while I lived in Princeton, New Jersey, they stopped the show in early 1997, not sure what happened, glad to see it reopen later in 1998,  the beach is set near the coast of California, I especially love the story of Ben and Meg…

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Sunset Beach by Taylor Boomer

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11 thoughts on “Theresa Burke (Austin, Texas, 1997-2000)

  1. according to taylor, she works part time, from 8am to 1pm, or 1pm to 6pm,

    it is a good exercise to be able to get out, breathe fresh air, and talk to kids of 5 yeas old or younger…they have stories to tell, they love their parents, and they are open for fresh voices, it was a fun experience..

    Theresa had given Taylor an opportunity to learn and unlearn, the benefits are mutual, on the last day, December 23rd, 1997, Theresa called Taylor to visit the classroom one more time, Taylor stayed for one hour or two, she was big and rode the city bus there, then, Theresa gave Taylor a big gift, with a card filled with loving notes and beautiful wishes, and also shampoos, women’s skin care, plus baby diapers, full of encouragements…Taylor is different from other women, she walks a lot while being pregnant, she walks to H. E. B. store herself three times a week, each time 30 minites back and forth, just to breathe fresh air, and look around, because the consistent and small exercises, it helps a lot when the baby was born.

    Tom was born on December 25, 1997, in hospital, at 5:25am, they went to the emergency room at about 3am, the baby came very fast, the doctor said: wow, it is fast, next time, come early so that you don’t have to worry about having him at home…good exercise and healthy diet are key to successful birth giving, before Tom was born, the doctor listened to his heart beat and smiles ” it is a happy baby.” she told Taylor…

    well, public has its own views, but everything happens for a good reason, thanks to God, everything is cool all the way.

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