39 thoughts on “Sunday 160 In Child’s Poetry

  1. So cool, Jingle! I had one of those spinning tops like is shown in that photo–we kids loved that thing!

  2. The picture is just lovely! :)
    It’s been a minute, passed by to enjoy your new piece…which is quite enchanting and free :)

  3. That was fun and whimsical. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160.

  4. Beautiful colors and great images spinning out of the top.

  5. whimsical…I love all the illustrations!

  6. What fun – nicely done 160!

  7. Spring break sounds like quite a dangerous adventure!

  8. You never failed to bring out the lightness and gay in all your pieces… I could see hope in this piece.. :)

    Another excellence write.. :)

  9. Ah, spring break and mush mellows. Sigh.

  10. have a nice Mellow yellow Monday.

  11. I had fun with your magic words :)

  12. sheer delight, enchanting poetic tale for any age.


  13. Such cute painting.

  14. very nicely done, I like your poems

  15. fantastic jingle. :)
    cute one.

  16. Beautiful poem!

    My Blue, hope to see you. Thank you!

  17. I love to make my push top sing the different tones! Nice write and great pic.

  18. Suggestive! All colours and imagination…

  19. How pretty. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Jingle.

  20. Lovely beautiful yellow colors

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  21. I want some mush mallows!


  22. Gorgeous photos to start the week!

    My Mellow Yellow, come and see. have a nice day!

  23. A funny dream– I like your images!

  24. how fitting! loved it J

  25. hahahah…awesome! The mind takes wild turns during breaks!! :)

  26. Wonderfully nostalgic and colorful.

  27. “Mush mellows” !

    This is so fresh and sweet.

  28. Thank you Jingle for the beautiful colours…. :-)

  29. How I miss spring breaks! Your spring break sounds so much fun.


  30. So sweet! Happy Spring, break or not :)

  31. howdy. :]

    i like the image in your header and the ones you’ve included in your most recent posts. very pretty.

    you’d left a comment on a picky post a while back, and i’m just now (akkk!) getting around to acknowledging it. thanks so much for reading picky and leaving it some love.

  32. this makes me smile.. I’m certain you were a friendly monster..

  33. Nice, Ji! Charming. Thanks fo rthe smile…

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