The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 39

Congratulations! The following Poets have won The Perfect Poet Award of week 39.  (In No particular order)

Leo (Leonnyes)


Jamie Dedes




Emmanuel Ibok



A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka

Yelena m.

Sina Saberi

Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom


Mihir Vatsa


Meanwhile, back at the ranch…






David Agnew


Dag Travner



Gaurang Rao

Dennis Go






Marlee-I Mystic


Robin ellen lucas


Gerardine Baugh

JL Dodge


Kim Nelson





The Lonely Recluse

Sherry Irvine





PS: Linn, Trisha, Ina, Kavita, Dan, and Mike Patrick are nominated for week 39,  but you already won on week 38….I will follow the rule and give you the award on Rally week 40 under the condition that you have accepted the award on week 38..…Thanks for the understanding, No poets will won two weeks in a row, which remains valid or active…

Rules to Accept the Award:

  • Put the logo on your blog before or on your next Thursday post.
  • Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
  • Tag Jingle to link back to Thursday Poets’ Rally Award Post.
  • Nominate One Previous Participants and U R done!

Criterion of the Nomination:

  • You must be A Thursday Poets Rally Participant for a minimum 1 week to be able to be nominated.
  • This award is given once a week by Jingle at Promising Poets Parking Lot Beginning week 24
  • Each week, Jingle will award those Rally participants nominated by previous week winners but finalized by Jingle.
  • If a winner rejects the award and gets nominated once again, Jingle has to withhold the nomination until the poet eventually accepts the previous award.
  • This award is initialized and created by Jingle at Jingle.
  • Winners of this award have the option to choose one of the logos available to post in their blog upon acceptance. If the winner does NOT follow the rule to post the winning logo and nominate a poet along with the post, Jingle will consider a rejection to the award. Jingle will be responsible for nominating additional award winning poets for the week . (If u reject the award, then u can NOT make claim of this honor in the future in your blog or at any other public occasions).

A sample award acceptance is linked here:

Thursday Poets Rally Week 39 is still open for submission, to enter your entry, click on the link below:

56 thoughts on “The Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 39

  1. […] you, Jingle, for the Perfect Poet Award   I accept…. An […]

  2. Thanks Jingle

    I just finished the acceptance guidelines for comments!

  3. Lots of thanks for this award :)

    I’ve just finished with the acceptance guidelines as well.

  4. Thanks for the award Jingle… :-)
    I’ve finished the acceptance guidelines :-)

  5. tq ji i accept.. shall post it together with a poem and nominate another poet soon..

  6. Thank you, Ji, and thank you to Scott who nominated me. Thanks also to all those who visited. This time round I hope it’s okay to accept it on behalf of both Ann Emerson and I since I entered her poems for week 39. Heart-felt to all who read and commented. And thanks again Scott.

  7. I graciously accept my award and have posted it and made my nomination.

    Thank you, Jingle. Lots of love and appreciation for you. xoxo

  8. Thank You Jingle for the Award. Posted it.


  9. I accept the award – its all on the blog hope I got it all right!

  10. thanks for the award Jingle!

    here is my acceptance – on the blog!

  11. thanks Jingle – award accepted!

  12. […] Posted on March 6, 2011 by deadpoet88 I received the Perfect Poet Award for Week 39.  I would like to accept it, and I nominate Lynna for the next Award. Perfect Poet Award Week […]

  13. Thank you for those who took time to read my poem and left your encouraging comments.

    Thanks Ji for all you’ve done. I shall accept the award soon.

  14. Accepted on Award Table Page

  15. Thank you dear Ji! You always embarress me with your kindness.. You always remember me and I’m so grateful for that. I accept the award with great honor and congratulate all my friends up there :)

  16. Julian Javier the Cyber Mushroom

    thanks for this honor Jingle! I have already posted it in my blog.

  17. […] am lucky and honored to be awarded The Perfect Poet Award for week 39. Thank you for those who took the time to read and leave their brilliant comments. It is the […]

  18. Award accepted. Thanks Ji. Here’s the link:

    I’m sorry I do not know who exactly nominated me. If anyone of you know, please let me know. Thanks. Oh, and thank you for the nomination. :)

    • I nominated you…

      since you have done a lovely job, I saw you comment for fresh poets to explore last rally week. ;)

      • I see! Thank you so much!
        If it wasn’t you who invited me to join this great work of yours, I wouldn’t be receiving bunch of lovely encouragement by others and reading their great works too.

        Way to go Ji. Couldn’t thank you enough. :)

  19. […] (A Jingles Perfect Poet Wk 39 Participating Entry) […]

  20. Congratulations everyone. Jingle, I am confused. I thought we were still doing the Poetry Rally for week 39 until March 9. I haven’t finished my visits yet.

    • yes, we are doing it….I did not say stop doing it,

      continue your reading…

      you win last week, in general, I give the award ahead and no poets win two weeks in a row.

  21. Thanks Jingle, for the award and for all the hard time that you, and anyone else behind the scenes, do. I’ve accepted but the post will come out on weds at midnight (UK time), as all my poetry posts do. Again thank you for the hard work, it really is appreciated.
    The Lonely Recluse.

  22. Thank you for the recognition, Jingle. I’m just getting home from almost a week away and playing catch up. Hope to visit as many poets as possible this afternoone. I missed my poetry buddies.

  23. Hi Jingle,
    I figured out how to copu & paste on my phone, so I accepted both the spring 2011 & The perfect poet award! I put them & my nominations for next week on my blog. Thank you again for finding me & directing me to this great community of poets!

    Mia (Lunawitch15)

  24. thank you so much for the award, very kool! I’m honoured :-)

    I’ve posted it to my blog:

    I nominate Jessica’s Japes, I love her stuff. She usually posts for Poetry Potluck, would that qualify her?


  25. Hi again.
    Um I had a small question.
    What excatly IS poetry potluck?

  26. […] Thursday Poets Rally Week 39 […]

  27. Thank you, Jingle. I accept this award. Congratulations, everyone.

  28. first, thank you for expanding my online world by inviting me to participate in both Monday’s Poetry Potluck at Jingle Poetry and Thursday’s Poets Rally. i have thoroughly enjoyed reading so many amazing poems and poets. secondly…

    i realize this shouldn’t be a hard concept, but being this is the first award for me, i want to make sure i understand…

    1. i was awarded the Perfect Poet Award 4 Week 39 for my entry into week 38. Yes? No? (i’m guessing yes since i have yet to link into Poets Rally Week 39.)

    2. upon nominating another poet, do i choose from those entries in Poets Rally Week 39? if yes, when does my nomination have to be in? (seeing as how people still have 2 days and some odd minutes to still link in…)

    3. it states the award can be posted anywhere on my blog. does that mean i do not have to place it in an actual post? is it acceptable for me to place it on my wall of honors instead?

    4. do i ask too many questions?

    5. do i only nominate one poet? or am i allowed/expected to nominate more than one?

    6. does it matter if i nominate the person on my blog? or is it acceptable to leave a comment here for my nomination?

    7. is it okay to accept the award for Week 39 if i don’t participate in Poets Rally Week 39? or should i wait until my next entry to accept the award and nominate someone?

    Sorry about the number of questions…but it does match the number i had to answer to enter the Poets Rally…

    Again, thank you!

    • thanks for the questions, awards are given to previous, including current participants,

      it is very easy, yes, take the award and post it either on a page or in a formal post, with a Haiku or poem,

      nominate one poet you know from previous experience (could be a poet from any week of poets rally) , no worrying about incoming poets…poets you know from your previous experience will be enough, only one.


  29. […] […]

  30. Thank you, Jingle. I really appreciate this! Acceptance and nomination here:

  31. congratulations to all the winners!

    happy rally!

  32. I humbly accept the award and thank you so much! It is posted on my blog with this week’s Poetry Potluck. To fulfill my obligation, I nominate Julie Scott for the award for her outstanding poem:
    Hope that does it! Thanks again!

  33. Thank you, Ji, such a great honor. I will soon post my acceptance, thank you also to all my friends fellow poets :)

  34. […] Thank you to Jingle and all my friends fellow poet at the Thursday Poets Rally for the Perfect Poet Award Week 39, at […]

  35. Thank you. Poem/nomination to come soon!

  36. japan is in a crisis right now

  37. i accept :) thank you so much. i will post the acceptance soon!

  38. Thanks jingle…I don’t know how I missed this…thanks for the award…I accept it humbly and post the acceptance soon. :)

  39. My acceptance post is here
    Have a great week ahead.

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