Thursday Poets Rally Week 39 (March 3-9, 2011)

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 39 (March 3-9, 2011)

Basic Instruction for Rally Week 39:

#1: If you are a FIRST TIME participant, you must leave a comment under Leo’s post to sign an agreement, (poets who are previous participants and wish to have your entry fine turned are also encouraged to sign agreement under leo’s post), after signing the agreement, link your entry via linkz, you have about 7 days to make a minimum 18 comments among participant list, we prefer that you get it done by Sunday…

#2: If you are a returning poet, please be advised that you can choose to comment for 18 participants New to you under Leo’s post, or explore The Perfect Poet Winners and The Fresh Poets To explore via this post!

Week 39 Participation Awards:

Any poet who participate Thursday Poets Rally Week 39 will be able to feel free to claim and display the following three awards under their entry.

PS: you deserve the honorable mention here, and thanks for the fun, Thursday Poets Rally is a community where poets showcase leadership capacity, discipline, positivism, and inspirations, be proud of yourself once you become a poets rally participant and have completed your due/agreement..

The Celebrate Poet of Spring in 2011 Honorable Mention Award,

The Popular Poet Award

The Butterfly Award

Week 38 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

Kavita (Accepted)

Someone Is Special (accepted)

Trisha (Accepted)

Ina (Accepted)

Ladynimue (Accepted)

Life: Between the lines (Accepted)

Ms. Peaches (Accepted)

TC (Accepted)

Scent of my heart (Accepted)

Dancingfreak (Accepted)

uma.a (Accepted)

Tasithoughts (Accepted)

Frayedges (Accepted)


Vishwas Anand (Accepted)

Thingy (Accepted)


Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) (Accepted)

Mike Patrick (Accepted)

Kolembo (Accepted)

Linn (Accepted)

Becca Givens (Accepted)

DuDo (Accepted)



Vinay Chaganti


Kristen Haskell



Magher1 (Accepted)

Kodjo Deynoo

Chimnese (Accepted)

Reggie (Accepted)

Shigune Matsui (Accepted)

Bendedspoon (Accepted)

Gerry/Strummed Words

Julie Laing (Accepted)




Ashbeezone (Accepted)

One Writer

Wordywoman (Accepted)

Liliana Negoi

Melissa (Accepted)



Alix Moore