Extraordinary Poetry Is Here, Thank You!!!!

Leo: http://leonnyes.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/myriad-is-my-mind/

Many years ago, when pain forced its way
Yearned I an escape vent, to still be sane
Rain to calm me, no darkness in my day
In this quest, I sought life, a little mundane
All lost, I considered, to give up my fight
Desire was ardent, yet far away – hope

It was then I realized, embraced light
Still I had poems, with them I could cope

My reincarnation started, I wrote
Yearning for the fire, the sparks again rose

My quest began, a carnival of notes
Imagination soared, subsided woes
Now the language etched, continues writing
Despite the obstacles, continues fighting

Scent of my heart: http://scentofmyheart.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/today/

Today I will wake up and sing in the shower.
I will dance and get dressed in pink.
I will taste my coffee drop by drop and
name each drop in a funny way, so I’ll laugh.
Today I will ignore the traffic on my way to work.
I will not look grumpy at the man stepping
on my feet, inside the bus full of people.
I will not let work to exhaust me, not today.
Today I will give all the money in my wallet
to the poor person with wide open hands,
begging for few coins to buy a bread.
I will help the old lady with bags to cross the street.
Today I will write about kisses warming my heart,
like the sun warms the sand on the beach during summer.
I will think about white roses, cheesecake
and hot nights with lights in blue around.
Today I will not care that I forgot
my umbrella at home, when outside is raining.
I will let my dreams about love and romance
to be tied to a kite and fly freely into the sky.
Today I will smile and live with excitement, with pleasure,
because today is the day to see you again.

Olivia: https://oliviasmindlymatters.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/realizations/

Revelations n Realizations
Spun a giant swirl-
I only crawled through
Counting the broken cords!

Like the effervesce in the soda
Rising to the surface; bursting before long-
Yet a few bigger ones perched at the side
The past stances balanced their Karmic existence

Hold the glass next to your eyes
Look through the starful of sky within the bubbles
Such has been my Life till now
Fizzling through the fizz n disappear..

I no longer whine for the lost “possessions”
I know I am destined to own the bigger ones
I now prepare for the Universe to hit upon Me
Celebrating my success; praising the very state of my being!

Victoria: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/january-in-the-desert-jingles-poetry-rally/

I am
a wild strawberry
woven among
low-lying oleander branches,

I am
the fear that brushes
by your body in
the darkness of a dream.

I am
slipping over
mounded slopes

of snow-capped
Santa Rosa mountains
bringing rain
and night.

I slap
the rounded curves of
wind-stroked cheeks
turned skyward.

I am the hummingbird.
I wait outside
your window
with promises of joy.

Jamie Dedes: http://musingbymoonlight.com/2011/01/13/winter-2/

No illusions, no illusions, no lies, no softened truth,

no tears, no bargains, though sun shines and birds sing,

Winter is here, I know.

Winter is too crisp and sharp to invite either love or lechery,

and those men, husbands and lovers, see through it to seasons

young and not so inclined to ponder as one man complained,

while I watched the grass die, the leaves dry, the earth harden,

cold winds blowing over the graves that house our bodies.

And I being I was always asking


Once Spring danced like wild flowers in the wind,

held dew and promise and smiled like a plump, well-fed babe.

It had never heard the word defeat and didn’t know hate or anger.

Spring liked to play, and romp, and sing and

hung on a tree to ripen, her question


Summer took itself seriously, was wide-eyed with longing, sizzling in the sun.

It wore a red dress and the champagne happiness of a husband and baby

and bravado because Summer is young and youth is bold,

a silver bell that rings and rings and never stops.

Too much is not enough and yet – a tremulous


Autumn gently smiled, like Da Vinci’s lady, and danced old dances,

reminisced Begin the Beguine, stepping lightly on brown leaves.

It was lined with gold and muted silks, remembered is manners,

nodded wisely, spoke sagaciously , and was a might too profound.

Haughty with itself, it just knew it knew


Winter…Winter is content, sees itself in Time displaced and learned

laughter has meaning and fleshy bonds and boundaries dissolve.

A bit stiff, cold, and slow now, slowing to honor the sacred,

to say “i love you,” to say “it was good,” to say “thank you.”

Sun rise, sun set, and once dormant trees burst forth with green,

sanguine and serene, just a habit now that question


Trisha: http://mydomainpvt.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/free-soul-14th-january-2011/

I stopped by woods
feeling the absolute peace
every movement talked
told me hundreds of stories
history was unraveled.

Christopher: http://industrialarts.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/thursday-poets-rally-week-37-entry/

What is the point of this?
If all I do is sit, sit, sit?
Never get up off my lazy ass
Wander the world
Find a girl
Fall in love
And spend my days in the shade
Eating grapes by the bank of a river
Instead I sit and brood and wonder
At all the endless possibilities
And I get lost in the choosing
The method of selection
The reason of sorting and putting
All this up in my face
I forget

Someone Is Special: http://pendownmythought.blogspot.com/2011/01/through-childs-eyes.html

Through a child’s eyes
World is a space for humans
Neither the boundaries
Nor their skins matter

Through a child’s eyes
Race is what happens
On the school playground
Not the human colors

Through a child’s eyes
God is an unseen love
Adored for the blessings
Not the religious divisions

Through a child’s eyes
Mommy & Daddy are souls
Friends & Siblings are blood
Rests of them are relatives

Through a child’s eyes
This poem is a rhyme
A bunch of words to cheer
Without knowing the real fear

Riika: http://riikainfinityy.com/2011/01/13/the-key-to-another-world/

the world of
life and death
An unknown language
A strange culture but we
are only here for one thing
The key to another world
The door had always
from the
only those
ones are able
to see the
The brain of
limitless ideas
The heart of
selfless thoughts
The soul of
endless dreams
one and only
to open
a world


Boredom and frustration creep into daily life

Thrill seeking for the young and the restless

and adventures are for the brave

Middle age is the affliction that plagues my days

and has sunk its ugly teeth into my tired bones

The cruel hand of time has painted lines on my once fresh face

and the mirror does nothing to hide the irreversible flaws

But I don’t regret what’s come to pass

I would do it all again if given a chance

I don’t look back and I have decided

not to count the wrinkles on my face

and count my blessings instead

Booguloo: http://booguloo.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/happy-rally/

A full tank of gas

New tires and clean wind shield

Pit stop over vroom

Fiveloaf: http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/19/the-tears/

the tears

i shed

from my eyes


the peonies

that bloom

in my heart..

Drama: http://dramastrois.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/sugarcoated/

Nasty thoughts sugarcoated with blinding thoughts. Can’t believe that I’ve actually got. A reason to not. Go out and be crazy..

Nasty feelings sugarcoated with nervous beliefs. Lots of things that I do not see. Want to see. Seeping right inside of me..

Your dialogue box sugarcoated with nice words. You really wanna tell me you hate me. Plain to see. Could it just be destiny..

Sad thoughts sugarcoated like sugar on rocks, Dieing minutely, feel the energy, saying this is “temporary”..

Maddening imagination sugarcoated with God, driving around all naked, wearing a wig and fainted, extending away from the norms of society stated..

Lovey dovey times sugarcoated with who, what where, can’t u leave it just there? We’ll do this when we get there? Substituting my love for you..

Vodka shots sugarcoated with water and sprite, feeling like I could shit dynamite, this is tight, at a family function..

Missing yours, let’s just totally overexxagerate on the boo’s, poking you, is it a way of telling you, that I miss you?

I believe sugarcoated by we believe, solemn standing is never good, u look like wood, straighten up means “look like how WE should”..

Sugar.sugar..sprinkle fast. Make a big pile, make it last.
Finding the boTtom makes it tough, never will it get as rough..

Sugar, sugar coat it chocolate, tomoRrow ill shave my hair like a mullet, grow a bullet, jump where u sit, scream a song instead of singing it..

But what will I do? Ill sugarcoat it.


I am

A small leaf falling on the ground
Just some fire burning inside out
A cat asking for the food
A standing chair, chopped up wood

A tiny piece in the whole wide world
A petal flying in the wind
A few drops merging with the ocean
An ingredient in the magic potion

A female standing in the crowd
A baby crying out loud
The stuff you need to get through the day
Fireworks at a parade

The one you used to hate
A candy that sweetness people
Some fresh made lemonade
A fish that catches on the bait

The smile on a baby face
The winner at a race
A big and rainy cloud
I am a what makes me proud

Colors of my mind: http://chinmay28.wordpress.com/2011/01/22/a-dream/

I dream of my face drowned in with vividness,
In the silky mass of your feathery hairs,
Being lost with your smile as the harness,
Stunned and sheepish, waiting for a caress.

I dream of my eyes engrossed in yours,
Unaware of everything outdoors,
Curious how those lovely pearls would be,
To always convey me how much you love me.

I dream of my senses locked up in baffling,
Glimpsing only your images swaddling,
Listening only to your voice cradling,
With you being the only thing my thoughts behold,
That you are everything I need in the world…


The stage is set for a drama so tense,

But the players aren’t willing to revel in the suspense.

There’s many a tide that makes hardly any sense,

Taken at many a flood viewed through a deeper lens.


The placid waters have taken a notorious turn,

As we drink in the drops in our attempt to learn,

What lies beyond the ocean we tend to discern,

Is an eternal drama uncovering plenty of urn.


The fun of it all is in the judgments of art we take,

To confuse plotted journeys for reality’s sake,

There ain’t a mask we’re ready to make,

Dripping with abundant  emotion to make a deserted lake.


When Naturalism plots a plot-less path of laze,

Romanticism entwines it to form a startling maze,

Burdening our mind in a scurrying trauma of craze,

And blowing the cobwebs in a frenzy to amaze.


The choices we make have a massive stake,

As our lives leap in flight in the closing wake,

And dance to the romance of a terrifying make,

As Romanticism cuts the cake we’ve set to bake.


Destiny’s shape has taken on a darker twist,

As it’s now covered in glory in a heavy mist.

‘Twas not hitherto defined in my weirdest list,

But my life is now dotted with bountiful tryst.


One day when you’re standing on a lonely road

When the one you thought loved you, let you go

You’ll recognize…in those beautiful dark brown eyes

The mistake you made, you’ll be asking yourself why

Why you let go of my true love, knowing it wasn’t fake

And you’ll know then, letting me go was your big mistake

You’ll know that, breaking my heart, tearing me all apart

Leaving me in the cold, leaving me thinking’ I should’ve known

Throwing my love away, window tossed

It wasn’t mine but more your sad loss

And you’ll remember that day as a haze

And you’ll know letting me go was your big mistake

You won’t know if I’ll still be waiting by your door

Or if life will give me better or take away my soul

Or if someone will love you that much ever again

Wonder if you’ll get a second chance, there and then

Knowing there’s only me but her you’d find ten fakes

And you’ll know then, letting me go was your big mistake

You’ll know that, breaking my heart, tearing me all apart

Leaving me in the cold, leaving me thinking’ I should’ve known

Throwing my love away, window tossed

It wasn’t mine but more your sad loss

And you’ll remember that day as a haze

And you’ll know letting me go was your big mistake

Baby, letting me go was just your big mistake

‘Cause you won’t find me ever again

Only cause you made that big dumb stupid mistake

Fairytales: http://jgfairytales.wordpress.com/2011/01/17/do-you-wish-for-me-as-much-as-i-wish-for-you/

Do you wish for me as much as I wish for you?

Do you lie awake at night wondering what it’ll be like when we meet?

Do you wish for me every day?

Do you wonder what it’ll be like when we kiss?

Do you wonder what it’ll be like when our parents meet?

Do you wish for me every day?

Do you wonder what it’ll be like on our wedding night?

Do you wonder what it’ll be like when our first child is born?

Do you wish for me every day?

Do you wonder what it’ll be like to spend the rest of your life together with me?

Do you wish for as much as I wish for you?


I’ve been beat up
Put down
Handled rough
Shoved to the ground
Treated un fair
Looked over
Vaguely shown care
Pushed lower
I’ve been left out
Just me
They don’t care about
Including me
I’m just the black sheep
I’m an outsider
Who cares about me
I’m a side liner

Pett: http://iampett.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/if-tomorrow-will-come/

I knew right from the start that this day would come, I regret none. I know I’m a puzzle with a missing piece but with you I feel whole.

I knew it’s going to be hard but I know you’re worth the try.

Missing you like this is hard but I am powerless to make you mine.

I don’t know what tomorrow have in store for us but if you ask me, I want more tomorrows with you.

No more questions, I’ll wait until that day comes.


Restlessly my soul glides, so peacefully across your crystal like


Dancing to the rhythm of wind blown melodies

Touching a white cloud with my very finger tips

Feeling its imaginary existence playing with my every emotion

FREEDOM. .my soul cries out

Poetry of Asian: http://poetryoftheasian.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/boulder/

With passing of breaths I could only boulder by,
Allowing the time to pass over
My uneven exterior of flesh worn thin
As if rock being smoothed away,
By burning droplets of clear and tranquil water.
This is how I slowly passed hours,
Simply boulder by the long hot summer days
On the moss covered porch and steps,
While shadows flicker under what light eyes perceive,
Unable to leave their own ways,
Keeping company as I too boulder the time,
Until we’re smoothed to gritty dust.


Bob Dylan sings a raspy tune in my ear
Business men walk by my side
I sit, I listen, and yes, I try
To be different, to make a difference, to be the antithesis of it all
His folklore and reflection make me think of my own
A skill of the great artists, a skill I know not yet, if I own
I write, I type, I talk- and people listen
I spread good word, good faith, hope is my mission
A revolutionary of love, wisdom, and gold souls
I am becoming the mission I wish to lead
For the things I believe in, I need only a mirror to see
If we live not, the lives we preach
Then how, or why, would we ever teach?
My medium is not broad, but of personal reach
In order to see, I first listen, and be blessed to receive
His words, his accents, his rasp, and his soul
An endless journey of hands held by our side
Self-discovery, self-becoming, love to find
Love to be, love to lose, love to seek, and love to choose
These roads we walk, often talk, of men who traveled years ago
They speak of pain, of course none the same, all unique- with beauty to tame
Open roads, un-daunting loads, horizon and possibility fill the sky
Trails of daylight, hopes it’ll stay alright, hopes- of anything at all
Aching stars paint the night sky
Watching, waiting, never certain why
They sing of misery, love they lost, and of course- love never had
The price of eternity they speak, the price of fading, yet never weak
Death by supernova, it’s sure been nice to know ya, whoever, wherever you are
You kiss, I wish, for a taste I know only- for how it is missed
You walk, you tramp, you sleep, you dream
How surreal, the fading life of stars must seem.

Wiserskydriver: http://wiserskydiver.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/love-you-miles/

Miles goes her smile
happy and love is the distance

miles long seems the doorway
sad for shes not here

miles away i can hear
longing you always dear

miles speed comes her warmth
in her arms i wanna die hearing her hearts sound

miles and miles may come
baby no matter how far i will run to kiss g’nite

Gemma: http://greyscaleterritory.blogspot.com/2011/01/river-of-stones-16-creativity.html

Limited by stale thoughts
Re-invent the slate

Linn: http://verseforthecynical.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/the-end-came-so-quickly/

A tender moment in which

we leaned our weary heads together,

a firmament of assurance

in which our tired souls

rejoiced, for we were broken.

Was just a brush of hands,

like leaves that fall

shyly about each other

in Autumn’s dampening chill.

Together, we braced

Winter’s displeasure, isolation,

months of killing breeze

in our weathered faces,

upon our weathered hearts.

But with Spring’s stirring song,

your rhythm raced ahead

until a lovely voice became

a distant whisper, detached

and insolent and selfishly joyous.

Summer’s heat seals my chasms,

melting a heavy heart

into easy water.

But neither this sunny reproach

nor the deep, warm winds

can remove what icy shrapnel

you embedded,

so many months ago.

Creation Dreams: http://thelunaticsdiary.blogspot.com/2011/01/venom.html

Through two triangular, hollow vessels
Green liquid seeps,
Introducing itself to the flesh
Before then the muscles were fine
But now, they spasm
Waves of sickness arrive through the throat and escape, digested
Nerves, at one point doing their business
Have received orders from the enemy
To paralyze its victim
Legs, heart, lungs, everything
What now?
What’s more to do but let this dooming liquid run its course?
It’s over

Dakshi: http://loveamongotherthings.wordpress.com/2011/01/16/doormat/
Don’t want

To be

A doormat,

Where everyone wipe

Their feet,

And soon forgetting,

How welcoming,

It looked,

When they

Came in,

Feeling of being helpful,

Won’t last for long,

Leaving mud stains and dirt,

On it…

Hera: http://singinthebreeze.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/the-rope/

The air gets clearer near the end

I feel the weight of a frozen hand

I look down and you’re barely there

But from where you are it would hurt to land

Were you to fall

We’ve never fought like this before

I feel we’ve no love anymore

I look down and see you slipping

And I’m afraid I wouldn’t care

Were you to fall


I need to know

Would you let go

At the top of the mountain

When I’m out of sight

Would you have the strength

To hold my rope

When I’m only halfway

When I’ve lost all will to fight

I need to know

Would you let go


I’ve something pulling at my heart

I feel the guilt of violent thoughts

I’m scared to look what have I done

But there you are still hanging on

Why won’t you fall

The sun is setting on our fantasies

Are we meant to part as enemies

My arms are shaking my tears like ice

Consider my desires as casualties

Were you to fall


I need to know

Would you let go

At the top of the mountain

When I’m out of sight

Would you have the strength

To hold my rope

When I’m only halfway

When I’ve lost all will to fight

I need to know

Would you let go


You look above like you know what I’m thinking

I see your eyes and the fear inside them

I know not what drove me to this

I am so sickened by me

Answer me before I do it

It makes no difference to me


I just need to know

Would you let go

At the top of the mountain

When I’m out of sight

Would you have the strength

To hold my rope

When I’m only halfway

When I’ve lost all will to fight

I need to know

Would you let go


I need to know

Would you let go?

Ali: http://alifali.wordpress.com/2010/12/29/2010-bye-byegood-bye/

You are leaving,
I know,We will never meet again,
Last Time,Give me a Hug and a Huge Smile,
You Brought me High there I took a Sigh.

You Took Me There,Where I met Them All,
I will remember the Lesson of Truthful Call,
You taught me Honesty to People who adore,
You told me to refrain Where Evils core.

Yes,you brought some unending tears,
I know,
But Parallel you brought Eternal Smiles,
All in Row.

You were a Blessing in many rays,
Thence you were Cries in many ways.

You took away many humans away,
You brought adorable people almost every day.

Thank You for Every good moment you gave me,
I Forgive You too in this way!

Its time to Say You Bye,
My new Guest is here, I am off to receive them!
2010 Bye Bye,
Good Bye !

Rtystyk: http://rtystykgurl.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/45/

It is from the tree of knowledge we are to eat

For it is by ignorance we are greatly deceived

The stories of the world are encoded in time

In ancient graffiti and scared scriptures of the past

Like ancient fortune tellers they say what the future holds.

As the stars give us sight so we may see at night

And knowledge is the light that from out of the darkness we see

So that we shall see where are going and the error of our ways.

Welkinsiskin: http://welkinsiskin.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/time-and-the-power-of-pen/

Times Are Dynamic,
Like The Tidal Waves Of An Interminable Ocean;

Changing On Each Linear Extension
In Each Spur Of Moment,
Like The Sorrowful Weather
Fatiguing And Fooling Sometimes,
Once In A While Playing The Right Still
But Yet The Still Pen Does Drive
Outpouring The Heart Of Hearts
Non-stop- Like The Beating, And Throbs Of Heart…
In Recollections And Sorrows,
In Loss And Gain,
In Romance And Dedication,
In Horror And Pain…
Does The Pen Stop Nowhere
For The Life Is Pen
To Conquer The Unconquerable Unknown….

Sarah: http://sarahalexandrageorge.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/horseman/

Your coat quivers beneath my touch,

Rosy gray and warm, yet cold.

A soft whicker stalls my tears

You know my every thought, my fears.

Piercing eyes that I know so well,

Smoky green tinged with burnished gold.

Horse and rider, while the suns rays burn,

Waiting, longingly for the day to turn;

For when the moon commands the sky,

On hooves he can no longer fly.

I find you once again my dear,

Sinewy muscles under bare skin,

A shift in shape and you appear,

Equine body reveals the man within.

Our love endures despite your fate,

I never let you leave my gaze,

Your wife, your lover, your mate

Forever, till the end of days.

Fancy by Fancy: http://tarapurnell.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/paintpen-haiku/

Old man vandal inks

These subway car walled windows

Eighty years of angst

Dragon’s Dreams: http://dragonkatet.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/waiting-is-labor-intensive/

I am
All edges.
Red and black
And jangled, jagged glass
Around the edges
Of my

Nerves flare
Fight despair.
Count each breath
And meditate to pass
The patient hand

Be still.
Open and fill
The empty
Places with calm and now.
Peace replaces
Fear’s blind

The spine
Is mine.
To control
Energy’s path, divine.
With world’s stars

And time…
Well, It passes.
It passes.
As it has, does and will.
Stress doesn’t

I have
A path
Full of light.
Reflected from the shards
Of unknown

Rebirth from every adversity, a challenge overcome but not challenging Fate

Bounce back, a super-ball… I keep hitting walls…

So I wait. And wait. And wait…and wait.

Alix: http://tappingthewellwithin.com/2011/01/07/child-of-god/

I am naked in my beauty,

Glory where I stand,

With Sun’s light on my outside and

Spirit’s light within.

The heavens are my playground,

I ride the starry lands.

Jubilant with laughter,

I gallop cosmic sands.

The wind outside me whispers,

It blows when I cry out.

The horses from fields are calling

I am within; they are without.

Yet I am the grass they are eating,

I am the feet that walk

I am the nose that nibbles

The rounded back, the lifted hock—

All of Source flows through me

I am it and it is mine

The rug beneath my feet is me

The sun is my light, too,

All of light is Spirit and

All of Spirit, mine.

I echo the song of the children—they know I am Divine.

And all of this breath is in me

And gently it flows out

In the moon and the mist and the loving

As within; so without.

As within; so without.

Becky: http://bsain.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/i-write/

… I write,

because if I keep the words inside it hurts.

… I write,

because I need to figure this mess out.

… I write,

because you beckon me to.

… I write,

just so you’ll read.

… I write,

because the words get stuck in my throat.

… I write,

because I have to.

… I write to think.

… I write to breathe.

… I write to hear.

… I write to listen.

… I write to understand.

… I write to be understood.

… I write,

because it feels so good.

… I write,

to cover up this pain.

… I write,

because screaming causes a scene.

… I write,

because I have a story to tell.

… I write,

to quiet the constant ruminations.

… I write,

until the words run out.

Poetic Seraph: http://poeticseraph.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/retaliation/

After the soldiers finally left on that profane day
Her skin captured the blossoming smell of death
The sacredness of her daughter had been taken away
As they laughed over the silence of her final breath

Violated virgin blood rushing to leave the infant’s wounded skin
Colouring the helpless hands of a mother in despair
Eyes frozen in time, the grip of little fingers growing thin
Her fragile body turning cold as her spirit is no longer there

A mother died a million times that day
She died over and over again
Now she had to burry her daughter
And could find no way
To tell her husband about the gruesome slaughter
Knowing that he would perpetrate an avenging sin

Tears filled with mourning burned his eyes
He was determined to seek revenge, fuelled by despise
He kissed her forehead and left his place of memories
And when he finally found them
He splattered the blood of these enemies
Gashing limbs as his soul came to die
And when he finally crashed between bodies of soldiers he slashed
The warm red blood soaking his clothes could still not rectify
The agonizing pain he felt over the death of his only child

Sumit: http://myriad-sumit.blogspot.com/2011/01/celestial-embrace.html

Celestial embrace
Sickness, bad omen – vanish
Into oblivion

Ill, negative thoughts –
After a tender hold in arms
Fade like morning mist

Smile on lips return
Worries seem non-existent –
Mother’s loving clasp

Flicshis: http://felicityshiro.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/i-look-forward-to/

Do I see out there,
For my attention to capture,
Therefore I sit and stare,
Nothing in particular,
I gaze into the air….

I am here,
Filled with so strong a desire,
For many things longed for…..

I let my mind wander,
Away from now and here,
Into the then and there,
To the near and far future,
There I let my mind ponder,
Ponder on things longed for….

I look forward to,
Realization of dreams,
Achievement of hopes,
Fulfillment of  ambitions and desires,
Winning of battles,
Passing of tests,
Overcoming trials,
Completion of projects,
Clearance of debts,
Stability of emotions,
Satisfaction of needs and wants!

I look forward to,
When my present will be my past….
‘then’ being the ‘now’,
‘there’ being the ‘here’,
I look forward to get there,

I am bound to the now,
To today,
In my ‘I look forward to’ musings,
I won’t forget to live today,
I have to delight in it though,
Despite the odds,
As I look forward,
To tomorrow
Believing it will be better,
Believing tomorrow,
Will get me there,
To the place,
That for now,
I can only look forward to…..

Exploring life: http://actoberreid.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/week-13/


Pulled close by my tie

weather is no match for this

in a trace we move.


hinges are removed

your presence is invited

come home with your heart.

“Need Her”

Need her existence

taste the wind she can become

how two fall in love.

“On Display”

do not forget that I

am yours,

your town and shade

your beautiful brown

waterfall that leaps from your

scalp to your shoulders,

I won’t forget what I came to say..

I would dry your feet after

your frame is bathed;

these are a few love’s

I’m not afraid to display.

“Boarded Up”

Like most people who write

I suppose I get bored and to

counteract that feeling I board up

all the doors and windows to my mind,

even seal the cracks in the wall

and floorboards and as I lay there

trapped in the dark with all my

imagination, I swing my fingers

back and forth until a poem comes


“Being Black”

If I had a choice

it would be between the browns

I would sport them all.

“Issues” (an unfinished poem)

Social issues rooming

with racial issues,

sharing a bathroom

with inequality issues

hosting gender issues

repairing the back door

with sexuality issues.

Seems I can’t live here in

this home…

Chocolate Coated Classics:http://lovepunaanybad.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/soulmate/

Have You Ever Had A Great Conversation With Someone

And From That First Conversation

You Knew You Found Your Soulmate?

Did The First Conversation Begin With





Or Some Other Profane Word?

Was That Initial Conversation Based On


*where was i*

oooooooOooooooo Yeah

Let Me Continue

It Must Have Had Something To Do

With That Sparkle

That I Saw

When I Looked Into Her Eyes

I Was Also Hypnotized By Her Soft Moist Lips

I Kept My Eyes On Them

Following Her Every Word

I Was Hypnotized

From The Start

By Her Self Confidence

Her Wit


And Amazing Unique Personality

Her Beauty Has Yet To Be Defined

By My Simple Words

One Single Touch From Her

Felt Like Heaven

Her Life Was Purposeful

God Really Broke The Mold

From The Moment Of Her Creation

Loved By All


Could Never Be The Center Of Her Universe

It Seems Prophetic

That She Would Often Say

“I’m Not Going To Be Here Forever”

Now She Has A New Home

I’m Sure That She Has Been Blessed

Because From Day One

She Was The Angel

That Captivated My Heart

It Must Of Been Her Smile

Or The Light

That Sparkled From Within Her Eyes

But I Knew From Day One

That She Would Be My Soulmate

For All Eternity


Wanjiku: http://wanjikumwaurah.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/silent-soliloquy

He was standing

Looking at her

In his head

“Am such a loser

No wonder I’ll lose her

I really never deserved her anyway

I always dissed her all the way

This, I brought to myself

Why couldn’t I just be?

How I always was before

Before I really had her

When impressing her

And making her smile

Was all I lived for?

When did I lose my footing?

Slipped so far off the tracks

Lost my brownies with her

She is the best for me

Oh! Scrap the rest

Like that thing I was with

When she walked in

Or the other that was on me

When she called

And heard her panting

Or the very first one who started with the sexting

Whatever was I thinking?

How did I loose my nuts to all others

She always forgave me

Taught me that love reigns

She could have left me after the third

She still has her esteem

She has a car and a job

She never was about the money

How could I bite the one hand

That fed me love

True love

She shifts on her feet

Looks at him thinking

How do I tell you

How best do I break this to you

After the third I was trapped

In a cycle of pain and

All through to the fifth

I found my solace

In the arms of the one

Who’ll have and hold me

I just need one thing

Just one

Your signature

They stood watching

Wishing one would speak

Close in the distance between them

One feeling sorry

One smelling freedom

So close to each other

Only distance narrowed by her suitcase

The distance spilled over to their thoughts

No longer in sync

But just

No questions asked

As paper changes hands

It’s done

Bonita: http://danielandbonita.wordpress.com/2010/09/26/no-goodbyes/

The Body is my journey,

The soul may fly

But we won’t say goodbye

The heart may break

The tears will cry

But we won’t say goodbye

The mind may wonder

No answer why

The spirit may understand

And still draw nigh

But through it all, I know that we

Will never say goodbye

Like sunsets, each more lovely than the last

Like love that enters the heart and does not fade

Like dreams that source from memories long past

Like a dawn that breaks after an April rain

Souls will meet again

Hearts shine from within

Tears behind a smile

Deepening all the while

The spirit growing through the trial

There’s no need to say goodbye

Tigerbrite: http://planetcyberluz.com/2011/01/14/tales-from-the-vienna-woods/

The theme is one to dance, to dream

Of fairies frolicking in the forest.

The zither calls them to the fairy ring

To waltz, to whirl, to twirl and sing.


Three quarter time is their delight

To dance with Strauss this moonlit night.

Come hither all you forest folk

And join the dance for you he wrote.


Mesmerizing melody  fills the air

As the incandescent fairy ring invites

folk of the forest to enter their lair,

to eat of fairy food, frolic and forget.


Crescendo notes meet  the night,

The glow of magic clear and bright

Notes tumble on the forest floor

Gaia wanting more and more.


Resounding with the Om of earth

The dance leaps on to stir new birth.

As the music plays its final fling

Fairies take flight on gossamer wing.


For now the song has rung its tune

And all that’s left is quiet and moon

The fairy glow gone from forest floor

Until  they’re in Vienna woods once more.

Story In a Poem: http://storyinapoem.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/you-were-my-fairytale/

Once upon a time you were my fairytale.
First came love then out popped a baby.
Marriage would’ve been next but we turned on each other
and what tweaked as a good thing got ruined
because of you and me.

The nightmare began from the crack of dawn
but I choose not to walk away
From the drama that stayed unfolded.
I should have listened to the voices of my heart
when they said that things were bad right from the start.

I should have gotten out when the opportunity presented itself
for me to make my great escape.
Maybe I would’ve been happy now
instead of wondering when life
will spare me some meaningful moments.

I stopped dreaming of spending my days and time with you.
Quite frankly, I don’t even remember
The reasons why I loved you
And to think that one day I was looking forward
to being your sweeter half.

Existsbyalice: http://exitsbyalice.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/speaking-mind-and-heart/

instrument panel of the soul
(the voice)
indicator lights blinking
what’s turned on
or off

speech of the mind?

or the heart?


does this song emerge from a seat
on a rickety fence

dividing the two…

one from the other…


does it spring from the seat where
mind and heart speak as one
real talk
mind and heart speak

as one

take your seat
a teacher once told me
perhaps this was what she meant
it was she
who taught me this hearing

i love to hear you talk
every word seems
with new meaning
i hear you
the words seem
sprung from a seat where
mind and heart speak
as one

Cjbeamish: http://cjbeamish.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/the-simple-things/

If there were the simple things
laced across the ground
would the sadness catch you?
Would the temptation make you drowned?

If there was the fire near
Blazing like a million sun’s
would it once again grab you?
Would it remind you of what you’ve become?

Will there always be the tear for you
Scattered in her eyes

Will there always be that fear for you
the one that’s laid like a mat at your door
that she’ll come waltzing in the door again
with her dresses with satin seams

Is it always there for you
or could I make It go away
if she’s always there for you
if so why should I stay

Mcm: http://marissamullins.com/2011/01/11/impossibility/

When you have said
all the words I need to hear
and told me everything
in warm whispers, except
“I love you.” It won’t be enough.

When you have given me
flowers, apologies, soft
sentiments and fresh hope
in softest whispers, but
haven’t said “I love you.”
It won’t be enough.

When you have told me the
truth about who you were
becoming who you are, and
have lulled my heart with
dream-songs. It should be,
but it won’t be – enough.

When you can tell me
in quiet-tones, face-to-face,
eyes-to-eyes that you love
me, I will know that you
see me clearly for the first
time. But, it won’t be enough.

When you can love me
across the miles of time
without hiding in the silence;
when the pain apart defines you
through the essence of my absence,
and your soul recognizes the loss –
then, and only then, will it be enough.

Pseu: http://pseu1.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/on-going-poem/

I remember the rhythm and the lilt
of the singing and me joining in
with you humming the tune
the base notes thrumming –
somewhere deep inside
where it seemed to connect to the slants of light
picking out the precise movements
of entranced musicians
slicing their music through the air –
the space around the sound growing, somehow
like ripples on a lake after the stone has sunk

and you and I, wrapped in blankets
moved away, to listen and dance, in seclusion, together.

Happiness Sleeps:http://clwilkerson.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/these-four-walls/

These four walls,
A prison of my own making.
These four walls,
Container of my material essense.
These four walls,
Blocking the nightmares that torture me.
These four walls,
A metaphor for my mortal being.
These four walls,
Great divider between me and reality.
These four walls,
Silencer of the sheer chaos surrounding me.
These four walls,
The dry unkempt reminder of the limits to my imagination.

The JulieBook: http://thejuliebook.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/inspiration/

creeps in
hides among cattails
prowls along the riverbank
waits to be noticed

jumps up
waves like the dog’s tail
begs feed me, pet me, come play
signals something must
be done

hangs on
prepares its offense
recruits the next word, image
until I reach for
the pen

Mouse Dropping: http://lolamousedroppings.blogspot.com/2011/01/status-migraine.html

She swallowed the pills and said goodnight

It hurt too much to even cry

She closed her eyes against the light

She counted her breaths, her chest so tight

The bed, her nest, on which she’d lie

She swallowed the pills and said goodnight

Tired of fighting the noble fight

Confronting her nemesis eye to eye

She closed her eyes against the light

Blurred edges between wrong and right

It made no difference, so why try?

She swallowed the pills and said goodnight

She prayed in vain, in pain, in spite

Her body was weak, her spirit dry

She closed her eyes against the light

Her mind a blank, a board wiped white

Again another small death she’d die

She swallowed the pills and said goodnight

She closed her eyes against the light.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: http://veederranch.com/2011/01/13/until-were-warm-again/

I can’t be your warmer breeze
no, I can’t be her right now
I can’t be your brown worn hands
damp hair, your sweaty brow

I can’t be the evening mist
or the clouds that roll on by
I can’t be your blades of grass
the lightning in your sky

I cannot be barefoot
or younger than today
can’t be your rain boots or your fishing pole
or make the summer stay

But I can stand beside you
under skies of gray and white

and on the long and starlit nights

I’ll be your wool cap and your overcoat
your coffee and the broth in which your dumplings float
I will wrap my arms around where your scarf has been
wrap them tight around your neck until we’re warm again

Dennis: http://dennisgopoems.blogspot.com/2011/01/crumbling-walls.html

Cries heard from the streets
Weeping, cursing…
Praying to gods what fate
Befall those who remain
Alive and full of hate,
Entombed in the crumbling walls
Of pillar structures and gates.

What now after the struggle?
Should life go on as it is?
Dead souls of the living
Grieve all their love ones passing
As desolation awaits
Within these crumbled walls
Of weeping structures and gates.

Dishilicious: http://dishi-tales.blogspot.com/2011/01/in-love.html
& this pain…
has become a part of me
growing inside of me
it’s carved in me

i don’t feel it…
it’s not a burden anymore
it’s become a companion
standing beside me through loneliness
& this pain…
has vowed never to leave me
just growing stronger
it has taken control of me

i don’t want it
but it’s all I’ve got
it’s dried out my tears
Pain – I’m in love with you!!!

Seasweetie: http://seasweetie.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/cartography-an-original-thursday-poem/

I need to wander to a place unknown
Where the pads of my feet have no memory
And have left no imprint in the grains of sand
Or worn wooden planks that edge a particular sea,

My eyes hold no trace of reflected lightning
And no thunder has made my body shudder,
There is no echo of laughter haunting the walls
No shadow of a sun set behind some horizon.

Is there a land where the moon and stars are different
from those that have arched lovingly above my windblown hair?

Some place where the blue of the water and the sky
is just that one shade more true and tender?

Where the earth itself breathes a poignant richness
into softer air than has ever caressed my throat?

It is time to look
for a new map.

Moonlight and Dreamz:http://moonlightanddreamz.blogspot.com/2010/09/you.html

When you come near me
I hear the temple bells ringing,
my senses expanding like a morning prayer.
When you love me
the Sun rises at a distant island,
where at a borderline the sea rises up
and kisses the sky.
your smile brings forth a vibrant dawn,
beginning the promises of day–break.
Witnessing your joy, to me,
is being a devotee, at a pilgrimage of peace.
your touch,
is the melody of a genesis.
In this land of ruin
you are
the only meaning that I hold.

I write, I weep: http://inellezshayra.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/the-night-sky-story/

There’s something I want to say
To you who always made my day
I don’t know where to start
Should I begin by saying I gave you my heart?

You’re like my favorite song
To your heart I will forever belong
Your name is constantly playing in mind
Yes, a guy like you is hard to find

As I watch the stars at night
I remember your smile that shines so bright
At darkness, you are my light
You are indeed, my favorite sight.

You taught me how to love
As we both fly above
Together, we’re unraveling a new journey
When I’m with you, I never get lonely

So here I am right now,
As I’m about to say my single vow
I love you every now and then
And never will I get tired of saying this again and again

Kim Nelson: http://www.kimnelsonwrites.com/2011/01/12/poetry-me/

Poetry, you see,

Provides an opportunity

To reconnect with my divinity.

Allows me to create,

Internally debate,

To better estimate


Poetry, for me

Provides a route to deity

Where I release artistic energy.

There, I edify and praise,

Compose, ponder, think and pray

To evolve a better version

Of Me.

It’s that simple.

And that complex.

Poetic Pondings:http://rebicmel-poeticponderings.blogspot.com/2010/09/i-once-collected-idioms-around-my-mouth.html

I once collected idioms around my mouth;
Though I’d affixed them to parchment,
my ambition was quite noble.

Writing was not for wealth-
not for reverence of any kind.
It was for the gaiety of released words,
which later flocked together in verse.

I knew I’d never gather riches
of a monetary kind, in lieu
I’d collect winsome treasures
when readers traipsed where my nib once reclined.

Michael: http://trollpants.wordpress.com/2011/01/09/codswallop

I must confess a strange affinity
For words that tumble oddly off the tongue.
I trace this oral asininity
To writers whom I read when I was young.
In sooth (see what I did there? Sooth means truth,
But uses more saliva; ergo, its
Pronunciation’s prone to cause uncouth
Enunciation accidents like spits
And flying flecks of foam from fitful lips
Bespattering the specs of colloquists),
I’d rather pack a portmanteau for trips
Linguistic than romantic, meaning trysts
And assignations amorous are few;
Ted Geisel, Lewis Carroll, I blame you.

Lu Ann: http://likesomepassingafternoon.blogspot.com/2011/01/in-return.html

I can still remember that night, I can still feel the tears running down my face as if it was today when

we were sitting on the grass looking up to the sky, you were counting stars.

I stared at you. You with your sparkling eyes and soft figure, you.

Then you turned and looked at me. “What´s wrong?” You asked.

“It´s just that I don´t think you know how much I love you.” I said.

“Don´t I?” you answered smiling.

Then, thoughts filled my mind, I couldn´t stop thinking about that… “I must told him.”

“I can´t believe” I started “how I could ever live without you, you saved me from myself.”

You tried to say something because you saw the tears in my eyes but I held your hand and told you to let me finish my speech.

“Sometimes I feel like I can´t forgive myself for the life I lived before you, for what I did wrong, for giving myself away so many times…”

You wiped my tears away softly and waited for me to catch my breath again.

I continued “And I can´t believe how good you´ve been to me…”

You kissed my hand and wrapped your arms around my trembling body, and there, close to your heart I whispered “And I only hope that in return I might have saved the best of me for you”

Stoic Wes: http://stoic-wes.blogspot.com/2010/09/why-i-write.html

Will you look inside my fishbowl mind
My spacesuits on inside out
Gathering like balast beneath my mindsea level
Selecting moments to tip my wave-rocked headship
Holding my spiritual breath until subconscious again
Ridding my self of false daylight
Hoping I can thin the skin to feel all of this
Without the shell that stops pain and peace
So we can be one inside the same while far far away

Don’t open, don’t throw away:http://dontopendontthrowaway.blogspot.com/2011/01/waking-nightmare.html

waking in a fog
like rising from a drug induced slumber
eyes are wide open
absorbing the familiar surroundings
the mind wakes slightly
as the realization starts to set in
the body lies bound
an invisible vise holding it down
this is not a dream
struggling only serves to tighten the hold
breathing becomes hard
the chest tightens as panic rises up
words fight to escape
their attempt thwarted by an unseen gag
fear clenches the heart
as sleep threatens to drag me back under
an endless cycle of torture and dread
the thought of not waking from this nightmare
of being trapped here
unable to fight the invisible
that binds my body
is just as debilitating as this
sleep paralysis

tOuCh: http://touchnindigo.blogspot.com/2011/01/frowns.html

Caught like a fly in this spider web of clowns

Polka dot cars and puppy dog balloons tigers’ roaring

Excitement anticipation mind of a child soaring

Candy apples cotton candy licorice whips

Spinning plates winning prizes lucky dart tips

Merry go rounds eyes so full of sounds

Flashing lights pretty woman in glittery tights

Flying through the air with greatest of ease

Ringmaster bellowing voice elephants drop to their knees

Smell of fresh sawdust old tent must as barking seals fuss

Clowns frowns moving through small towns

Caught like a fly in this spider web of clowns

Under the big top eyes open dreams pop

Still tasting candy apple crunch polka dot cars

Dog balloons eyes full of sounds tigers’ roaring

Excitement anticipation mind of a child soaring

Today only big lots no night under the big top

Today memories fresh as before like the clown

I frown as I move from this town fading sounds

Caught like a fly on my candy apple treat

A memory that will always taste sweet

NotATameBlog: http://notatameblog.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/rather-than-the-company-of-kings-or-princes/

I will take this association with the damned
I will take this love between us
rather than the company of kings or princes

I will stand with these broken
I will stand with these bleeding yet
magnificently open people
rather than the very angels at the right hand of God

We break every rule
We know we are incapable of anything else
lost when left to our own devices
And here we are
Children of the Father that pursues

The Father that waits
that watches
that looks far into the distance

The Father that loves

Even the damned

iBeingMe: http://iambeingme.wordpress.com/2011/01/14/seas-of-desires/

Paralyzed I fell
into the sea around me,
the embodiment of my deepest desires,
my fears, and my resolutions;
into the chill
into the dark


The darkness has not been so kind to me
She says as she walks into the light
Her eyes, lips, cheeks are lined with makeup
Or are those the bruises of a life unwanted
Sobbing the tears of joy or regret?

I want to reach out to her, my hand grasping
She turns her head slightly, rebuffing me
I want her to know it is all right, I have changed
Yet when I look at my hands, I see the evidence
The abuse I put her through, restraints I clamped her in

Sweetest of muses, please hear my cry
I had no idea my neglect would lead to this
I was lost on the road, my paths too winding
The darkest shroud over my eyes obscuring things
Please forgive me, let this day be a moment of unity

She holds out her hand, her delicate fingers touch mine
A heavy sigh, like the wind whipping through old oaks
She heard this line before, trusted me to take care of her
Though I gave her no reason to do so in the first place
She takes a step back into the darkness to my dismay

One day I’ll fully trust you, only when you can trust yourself
When the day comes, I will return to you with open arms
Until then, please don’t come after me, don’t look for me
I will find you from time to time and grant you a kiss
In hopes one day we can be reunited again joyfully.

I fall to my knees as she disappears into the darkness
I thrash at the ground, screaming to the heavens
Why have you cursed me so? Why have thou forsaken me?
The silence returned to my childish outburst cuts through
I have forsaken me, I have forsaken her; I forgot creativity

Art happens 365: http://www.margaretbednar365.blogspot.com/2010/11/blog-post.html

Memories come flooding back

On the anniversary of my Mother’s death

Today as I place these gems around my neck

Hoping to feel her presence

Entertaining the idea of

Replicating her elegance in me

Stillness envelopes my soul

Perhaps it will be enough that they remind me of her

Enhanced by her inner beauty am I

As her physical beauty faded with time

Resplendent these icons stood guard

Lustrously gracing my mother’s neck

Standing watch as she breathed her last

Reflecting her eyes, their bluish tinge

Every shimmer adding beauty to

My appearance this day

Enormous love floods my being

Memory recalling her wisdom and

Bright engaging laughter

Every life lesson learned I from her

Recalled in this ornament which surrounds my neck

Eagerly I approach this day, celebrating

Desiring the true beauty these pearls represent


A line from you, the next from me,
a word you forget,
and expect me to fill in

The spoon hits the mug
in a rhythm you devise
a tune plays on my lips
you approve it with smiles

I fill in more sounds
you stare at me shocked
suddenly fingers drum
nothing holding the flow.

A collective sigh escapes
our collaborative songs
linger  somewhere
in the dream we wove.

TC: http://slightlywacky.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/before-you-go/

In my mind, I was on a beach

my skin had dulled with time.

I walked to you at the foot of the waves

hand outstretched

but you weren’t mine.


My vision of you grew hazy

you faded into thin air

my mind has tricked me once again

you never were, and never will, be there.


I haven’t found you yet

am I leaving it too late?

just sitting on the beach alone

creating my own fate.


I know you’re out there somewhere,

out looking for me.

but i’m letting time go by

at this rate

we’ll never be.


I wish that I was brave enough

to introduce myself.

I’m just a lonely haunted girl

the truth is, I’m beyond help.


The waves pull in a bottle,

the message lets me know

That I’m running out of time,

to find you, before you go.



A marriage of knowledge;

These thoughts are siblings,

Poems are family re-unions,

Papers I scribe on mid-wife what my mind births,

A matriarchy but still knowledge is king,

My faculties of thought have sovereign dominion,

The logic is alien, lyricism is out of this world; the testimonies resonate best if you speak Klingon,

When things fall apart; it’s this artistry I cling on,

The tapestry is dipped in spectrums that lend themselves to wizardry; magical!

An illmatic fanatic with manic linguistic dramatics,

Chaka is to poetics as iceberg is to titanic; I’m taking you deeper,

Depth; this ocean is bottomless it’s pointless to hold your breath.

Yours sincerely, Chaka Sichangi,

Health and happiness to you and yours.


Parts of me

Disconnected  and torn apart

Sliced by betrayal

Scattered and trampled


No longer whole

No Pain, No tears

Numbed to Love

By soothing forked tongues


I am thousands of puzzle parts

That no longer fit

A sad pile of junk

To be discarded

My heart broken

It no longer beats

For another or another

But is simply broken in


The Chamber of stories:http://magdalenahermanstories.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/dreaming/

When the morphine of your love fills my veins

And sweet scent of myrrh caresses my nostrils

My eyes close in the myriad of dying sunbeams

And my mind knows it is the time for it to be a guide

Helplessly drifting through lonely streets

Hanging on every pleasant thought

With a thousand colors and dreams around me

I’d do anything to be permitted to stay

But reality wakes me all over again

And reality shows me it’s always the same

The reality scares me in its cold disdain

Still I keep on finding my way back

I sail away and dream of my perfect land

So come and sleep

Come and dream

With me, oh dream

The world can always wait

Ina: http://inaweblogisback.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/the-road-ahead/

You shook my hand, a hastily  embrace and then ‘t was real

You went away  from me to think how  you would feel

My cruel enemy became the scenic road ahead

With every step you took from me,  I felt a bit more dead

A shiver in the woodlands, a breeze of winter air

I looked, the road ahead of me was empty and still there

But you were gone,  you were already out of sight

The shortest day  turned sneaky into the longest night

The road that lay ahead had now become your past

You had your precious freedom given then at last

I did hate that road for months and every mile it’s long

Till the day that you came back to me and where you do belong

The road ahead can’t  always be a highway

The years we lived our life’s  in drama are now gone

I hope the road will just be long and peaceful

And that I’ll have you all the time along

We might at times be challenged by  a sidetrack

Detours,  some sad old bridges to be crossed

But every time we shall  find the road  back

On  this  journey none of us gets lost.

The path will climb and lead us up the mountain

So we can see what lays ahead of us

We won’t  as much look  back over our shoulders

To places were we came from,  or to the past that was.

I Listened, Momma: http://nochipa.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/january/

Today I will wake up and sing in the shower.
I will dance and get dressed in pink.
I will taste my coffee drop by drop and
name each drop in a funny way, so I’ll laugh.
Today I will ignore the traffic on my way to work.
I will not look grumpy at the man stepping
on my feet, inside the bus full of people.
I will not let work to exhaust me, not today.
Today I will give all the money in my wallet
to the poor person with wide open hands,
begging for few coins to buy a bread.
I will help the old lady with bags to cross the street.
Today I will write about kisses warming my heart,
like the sun warms the sand on the beach during summer.
I will think about white roses, cheesecake
and hot nights with lights in blue around.
Today I will not care that I forgot
my umbrella at home, when outside is raining.
I will let my dreams about love and romance
to be tied to a kite and fly freely into the sky.
Today I will smile and live with excitement, with pleasure,
because today is the day to see you again.

Kolembo: http://kolembo.wordpress.com/detective-i-need-you-to-find-my-husband/

I squashed a cockroach the other day.





It was trying to get away,

And I squashed it.

Not that I really had anything against that

Particular cockroach but,

I was bare-foot.

And had tea,

And biscuits,

And was bare-foot,

When he made his dash,

Across the corridor.

It took some time for me to calm down and fetch another tray.

It had moved.

A thick, white streak,

Of substantial viscosity,

Ran right across the floor and,

Straight under my door!

Her gartered leg was up on the table.

She removed a delicate

Silver pistol,


With his back turned,

Fired a single shot.

I used a shoe this time,

Like a maniac,

And then,

Framed by a single, swinging light-bulb,

Waited for the detective.

Raj: http://thepoetrywagon.blogspot.com/2011/01/rispettosmiles-abound.html

Inderdaad: http://inderdaadja.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/three-years-and-a-while/

A book in front of your face
A finger in front of your mouth
This is how you’re remembered
Looking like a saint

Your eyes are black
With this white spot
They look at me meaningful
Like I’m the only girl

Just yesterday you fell down
But it’s been three years and a while
Since that night
we met
It’s been three years and a while
That you’re gone
And I’m set

Back in the day I would give it all
And I still would
That’s the worst part

Back in the day I disliked you most
And I still do
That’s my part

I’m sending this into space and I hope you’ll embrace life with much pleasure
I’m speaking in the void and I say that I know you like you know me
Just embrace your thoughts and come over and let me know why
Just let go of this void and say that you’re always here for me
Even if you don’t even try


I’m a trouble child
Always tore inside
Always can’t let go
Always lost my way

When I fall so many times,
When I don’t know if I could climb another hill,
When I don’t know what I’ll become,
When I don’t know who I am,

Yours little voice,
To my heart you whisper,
That I should move on without fear,
‘Cause you will always here with me.

Ash Bee Zone: http://ashbeezone.wordpress.com/2010/10/24/blood-and-sweat-form-patriotism/

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
Without patriotism,
Sacrifice is incomplete
Anyone can insult and cheat.
Remember if the country is dependent,
Then, we can’t claim to be Gandhi’s or Nehru’s descendents.

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
Happiness an Money really doesn’t matter
As they are required only to flatter,
Patriotism comes only when
One is ready to sacrifice i.e.
To pay the highest price,
With no sign of cowardice
All this generates a feeling
That remains forever nice.

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
Patriotism makes one immortal
Fills our heart with pride in total
Where the air of patriotism blows,
There the river of Blood flows
Where the head is raised without fear,
Only there is found the laughter of cheer.

Blood and sweat form Patriotism
As sacrifice is a nation,
It’s far away from trivial emotions
Where there is patriotism in the air,
Soldiers always struggle and strive
Cut their own heart with knives.
No one can understand better than us
As we are the ones who feel it first
Blood and sweat form patriotism.

Lynna: http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/a-dare/

Kiss my lips why don’t you
I hunger for the taste of the dew
The sweet scent of the promises whispered in the dawn of inquiry

Tya: http://tyamerdeka.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/oh-realita/

My morning should be beautiful,

But running to your place ruin every single thing

I was looking for my wish

I was hoping to find what I really want

But it was just nothing

For a moment

I tried to forget this disappointment

I pretended to be happy

But it came again when the loneliness kiss me

Flying around my mind

Dear Reality, what makes you bitter than a cup of coffee without sugar?

You hit me!

and it was not the first time you did this

You made me worship my ego and question my God

Then you brought me to the one and half years ago situation

You forced me to face that situation which I really hate,

Dear Reality, why did you treat me as an enemy today?


believe me, I’ve never even underestimated ‘zero point zero one’ thing

believe me, I’ve tried so hard to be good to you

believe me, I’ve never lied to cover you up

believe me, right now I really played fairly without any dopping from anywhere, whatever

But still, you hit me anyway.

Sina: http://ssina.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/breathe/

Due to a deal of dreary deeds

Done by delusions, done in a daze;

Our days had gone from dazzling

To bedazzled and to bedeviled!


Soothed by a song so swiftly sane

Smoothly sung by the saints of the soul

Our sun, serene was seen once more;

Our stars would sparkle someplace close


No name of no one new and

No man of nobility known

Innumerable novelty notions which

Nonetheless would help us know


Believe me; but beyond,

Your bumpy disbelief!

Booming with both bliss

And beauty we shall breathe

Celebrating A Year: http://mairmusic.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/week-118-if-your-plate-falls-off-the-table/

if your plate falls off the table
gather up the pieces one could
be interesting if you should
lose your music you’re still able
to play because your head is full
of notes and if fate blows a hole
in your dreams don’t think someone stole
the future think what’s next a pure
heart will carry you on though you’re
still picking shrapnel from your soul

Mystic Mountain: http://mysticmarleei.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/dependent/

I’ve become dependent on you
Something I thought I’d never do
But with the things happening in my life
Seems like I need you in order to see the light
I wake up some days happy and ready to go
But a few hours later I’m ready to blow
The whole thing off and just get through the day
And I have never been this way
But without you my world is a shade of gray
Because my joy has floated away

Hindway: http://hindawy.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/through-your-eyes/

We’re closer than we’ve ever been
Chances are we’ll never be again
The same spot where we did begin
Several years have passed since then
It seems so clear there’s no lose or win
I feel so bitter, Should’ve known better
Than to waste our lives
Its kind of useless to turn back time
Coz all we’ll do is recommit this crime

I wanna see the world through your eyes
I wanna know the reason for all deceptions & lies
I wanna challenge all the evil to us yet unknown
To end this journey & make it home

That first time we met you’d say
“You’re too pure” , I’d say crazy
As if you’d know me in just one day
“Don’t flatter yourself I don’t care”
“You’re just too simple to me & clear”
Sophisticated with a fatal charm
I feel so cold with you yet warm
Like being in the center of a storm
The only place safe from all harm

I wanna see the world through your eyes
I wanna know the reason for all deceptions & lies
I wanna challenge all the evil to us yet unknown
To end this journey & make it home

We dance this dance & blame romance
Its all my fault being so dense
Your left to me is right
Surrender an order to fight
Darkness surely is light
I always stare at you amazed
Forever seems with you a day
If that may be the case baby
This is all I have left to say

I wanna see the world through your eyes
I wanna know the reason for all deceptions & lies
I wanna challenge all the evil to us yet unknown
To end this journey & make it home

Inside My Poem Book: http://umaspoembook.blogspot.com/2011/01/rain-shelter.html

I was walking back from school
Enjoying the weather moist and cool
I was covered fully from head to toe
Holding my little one and walking slow
Yelp! she cried ,”Mommy,its raining”
Though it was a harmless rain falling
To prevent ourselves from any disaster
We had to run fast for our Shelter

Hermio: http://hermio.wordpress.com/2011/01/11/killing-me-bitterly/

Hold that sword

Don’t say a word

Don’t cry in vain

And enjoy your pain

You don’t deserve to run away

Then you know you wanna stay

I ran away to be free

But it was a dead tree

That one I was staring at

People laughing at my hat

Calling me dirty dirty witch

Pushing me down that ditch

On your throat put that blade

Let us see that red shade

Of your blood coming out

Your end’s no more a doubt

Just push it thru

To make it true

With my enemies I sat

While I was staring at

That end a so near bliss

They didn’t let me miss

Amrita: http://amritaghosh.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/winters-end-is-near/

On a bright Winter afternoon,
The Jacaranda season is starting to bloom.

As the January sun rises up high,
So, do the Blues intensify.

A restless mind jumps out of the box;
To search the clouds for an elusive fox.

An unblinking eye stares at the sky
Unwilling to let passions run dry.

So, let’s roll into this year
With our dreams intact, and, perhaps a fear.

And, try to forget the things that were a let-down
For there is indeed a world beyond some frowns, and a clown.

Kodjo Deynoo: http://poetrysoundbites.blogspot.com/2011/01/little-bird-tells-me.html

Where do all the small birds go in winter
Surely they can’t have gone so far
On tiny feathers, winds gust

Miss them, yes
Harmless little
Beautiful colours,
Sing songs and that

Miss them not,
Not for my car is now dung free.
White  moist splatter,
Black dot left in abstract

If this doesn’t make sense
To the wise that be
Don’t worry it’s 5am

And my mind is gone; upside down
Co coo, co coo, twit, twit woo
Owl just get given bad names

They are like bats, with bad names
Oh and bats do have bad names too
Unless they are like batman

Like grizzly bear “yelp”,  teddy bear “sweet”
Like bat man hang on ceiling;
What’s with that, and that about

What’s with the tight suit, worn about
Face like that, set in mystery
Every one has a secret to hide

Mostly not much, this much
You just don’t have to know, that much
So winter comes and the birds are gone

I miss the birds
They sing so right, their colors so bright
But no not when they

Tweety: http://thehope-life.blogspot.com/2011/01/dear-brother.html

Dear brother
I am the pampered daughter of thy
Dear brother
Come bid me a last goodbye
Dear brother
My new home is in a far away land
You will have to come to meet me in my sand.

Mother father are upset
As they pack my clothes
And all my little belongings
I cant help it dear brother
I have to go, there is no way another.

Dear brother
I am the pampered daughter of thy
Dear brother
Come bid me a last goodbye
Dear brother
My new home is in a far away land
You will have to come to meet me in my sand.

Mother there must have been days
When I lost my cool and anger reigned
And I hurt you in different ways
Please forgive me for all my mistakes
As I leave you mother, my heart breaks

Dear brother
I am the pampered daughter of thy
Dear brother
Come bid me a last goodbye
Dear brother
My new home is in a far away land
You will have to come to meet me in my sand.

Dear brother
Who would swing my cradle and lull me to sleep

Who would give me their shoulder to weep
Whose pampered daughter shall I be there
Who shall give me all this love and care

Dear brother
I am the pampered daughter of thy
Dear brother
Come bid me a last goodbye
Dear brother
My new home is in a far away land
You will have to come to meet me in my sand..

When I will miss my home
My heart shall shatter into pieces
Dear brother
May god shower his blessings on you
As you bid me goodbye
May my prayer come true.

Dear brother
I am the pampered daughter of thy
Dear brother
Come bid me a last goodbye
Dear brother
My new home is in a far away land
You will have to come to meet me in my sand.

Dear brother
My rule is now over forever
Now it’s your responsibility
To keep it safe as ever
I can’t help it dear brother
I have to go, there is no way another

Dear brother
I am the pampered daughter of thy
Dear brother
Come bid me a last goodbye
Dear brother
My new home is in a far away land
You will have to come to meet me in my sand.

Megzone: http://megzone.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/i-dance/

When life gives more reasons to cry

Regardless of how hard I try

When all I get is a lost chance

Absorbed in my own world I dance

When anger gets better of me

All emotions want to just flee

Inhaling deeply I take stance

Absorbed in my own world I dance

When ’m happy and jump in joy

Like a kid playing with his toy

I move around whistling in prance

Absorbed in my own world I dance

When life’s ruled by monotony

Boredom increases in degree

Without a single look askance

Absorbed in my own world I dance

For all my diverse reactions

Only outlet is my passion

That has me enraptured in trance

Absorbed in my own world I dance


Rashmi: http://poem-myworldofexcitement.blogspot.com/2011/01/poem43hesitation.html

Being within home for long

effected me more than I thought

was never aware until recent

when the family tree gathered.

A blow so strong it was

deep down struck so hard.

disturbed I feel in group

worries, will do some blunder .

But for that day I knew

somewhere something wrong

if in this shell any long

will go mad, thought rang .

A healthy person ,yes I am,

no visits ,seldom visitors .

Family see, morning evening,

they always move out and in .

Shell of my own creation,

tortoise with me if competition

who will put their head out more?

ha, dear turtle will win the race.

A parrot in a golden cage ,

with mineral water, packet foods,

both of us bothers not

what happens outside confines.

Hesitation to go out mingle

excuses a lot we have.

Man as social animal

why oh! God you create?

Ibok: http://lordemmanuel.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/giving-is-receiving/

He dipped his hands
into his pocket
not like he had so much
or nothing to do
with the little he had
but the sight
of the old Woman
at the street corner
jingling her bowl
for God knows how long
rang a bell in his heart
showing him
a million and one ways
to be grateful
as much as
giving him
a million and one reasons
to help brighten
her dark clouds.

…A prelude to my Book “48 Poems of Humanity”

Makhi: http://poetry-madhumakhi.blogspot.com/2009/08/wanderlust.html

A fire inside me seems to rage ,
and the sky suddenly looks like a cage .
In the confines of this small place  I’m stuck ,
this truth had long ago struck .
” Why am I stuck here ?”, I wonder .
When the entire world there is to explore down yonder .
So many rivers to cross ,
and interesting people to come across .
So many summits yet to reach ,
An infinity of things to learn and teach .
Many new lands to walk upon
and to learn mother natures curiosities , this realization has dawned
I want to spread my wings ,
and fly in the open sky my heart sings .
It doesn’t matter if i fall ,
it’s better than having nothing to live for at all .
Lots of opportunity lies in front of me .
A continuous journey i want my life to be .

Carl: http://stillfugue.com/2011/01/10/melting-threads-of-a-soldier/

wearing the worn threads

of a soldier who should be caged,

dark suit seems to be

bright enough, crisp enough

to allow conformity.

she gasps in frustration,

sends me off to find

her security.

she knows it is an

impossible mission.

the threads melt to a

guttural ugliness

under her parting stare.

search for worth or value,

hide in the bomb shelter

that is a cubicle for soldiers,

praying never to be needed

for this mission again,

knowing failure is here soon,

knowing that security

may never be possessed

by a man in wilting, melting,

shredded rags,

by a man of the lesser class,

by a man without God,

who needs to be the subject

of prayers of the superior class.

Beyond My Window: http://azfree.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/f-street-garage/

In Arcata, there was the rain,
that persistent flow of rain
muddying the streets.

Walking to school,
cuffs of my pants soaked
despite the umbrella.

My car at the
F Street Garage,
top down and stuck,

the mechanics with their
long snarled beards and
warm, inviting smiles,

honest and
hardworking by
the Golden Harvest Cafe.

Old grown, homegrown,
grown-up hippies,
fixing cars and healing souls.

I miss those guys!

Imagination: http://imaginationscandles.blogspot.com/2011/01/hidden_12.html

there are se




my e

they call
they sp

I cry

as I re

y hand



Jon: http://jonklassay.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/be-sober/

Be Sober.
Be sober? 

I once heard to be always drunk (here) and that that’s all there was to it for it was the only way to make it through the day.

I don’t believe that.  I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.  I don’t want to believe that,
For there is something to be said about being sober.
Am I burdened, Charles Baudelaire?  Am I hell-bent on being burned, Charlie Bawdy-lair? 

Now, now, now, you may look and say,
“Why the long disposition?  What’s this manner of inquisition?  When did I make this decision?  Who slandered me with this derision?
Where is the path to Righteousness and soulful exploration?  How do I find this lonely road to salvation?” 

Are Wine, Poetry and Virtue what I should be aspiring to,
the only things to get me through my days?
Are there not other ways to get me through my days? 

Do I need to look to the wind, the wave, the star, the bird, the clock and everything under the sun to find the answers so that I may be not undone?
Fuck that.
I’ll look to myself.
I’ll look to my beautiful, sober reflection,
This 27 year old bag of memorable collections
Who has not, and will not, and shall not be a slave to anything, or anyone, at any time.
I will not be complicit to this woeful, spiteful, “mournful solitude” bullshit.
I will be sober.
I will be happy. 

So here’s a salute to you, Charlie. 

Be in tune.  Be in touch.  Be involved.  Be here.
Be drunk?
Be sober. 

Dzemma ban

Excellence In Bad: http://excellenceinbad.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/walking-down-a-muddy-road/

I was walking down a muddy road,

Away from my humble abode,

And then came a boat,

Down the muddy road,

And it floaded,

In the flooded roaded,

And it crashed,


Into my shin!

And now the muddy road

I am lying face-down in.


Thoughts not lost: http://thoughtsnotlost.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/anxiety-attack/

I was walking down a muddy road,

Away from my humble abode,

And then came a boat,

Down the muddy road,

And it floaded,

In the flooded roaded,

And it crashed,


Into my shin!

And now the muddy road

I am lying face-down in.


Rhyme Me A Smile: http://rhymemeasmile.blogspot.com/2011/01/craving-crow-gossip.html

I’ve always felt the crows that congregate near me
were the most ominous animals I ever did see.
Constantly squawking to all their buddies around them,
I assume, discussing all the things that astound them.

This week I found myself wanting to join in…
“Hey there crow friends… Tom? Greg? Jim?”
I’m not sure they can understand what I say,
but it doesn’t matter, they all just flew away.

I think crows are the animal gossip queens —
flying near and far, discussing others’ dreams.
Some of them must have some semi-educated opinions
on the birds that recently fell in mass from their dominions.

Was it the unfortunate byproduct of a secret military test?
Or were the bigger, stronger birds ganging up on the rest?
Did cell phone radar harm them like it does our honey bees?
Or are there dragons hunting them up high above the trees?

punishment for repealing DADT? That’s one theory I hear.
Or, perhaps they encountered aliens who were hovering near.
I suppose it could be simultaneous stress caused mortality
the type a masochist flock leader wouldn’t care to foresee.

Whatever it is, I think those crows have a hunch…
No, it’s more than that —  I think they know quite a bunch.
What if they’re the mobsters of the animal kingdom?
What if their thugs killed those poor birds for fun?!

To be on the safe side I won’t make another attempt
to talk to the crows who already showed me contempt.
But I sure hope the powers that be explain it better and real soon —
‘cuz “It actually happens all the time” doesn’t wipe out the gloom.

Come to think of it, now I’ve got double the worry!
The crows, they hang out all around me, you see?!
Where’s a good bird crime detective when you need one, eh?
Oh well. I’m sure the government will reveal the cause to us someday.

Life in verse: http://lifeinverse.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/music/

There is always music

playing songs in my mind

a simple, bloody mixtape

the soundtrack of my life

And I listen to it without choice

I listen to it in my head

as others pass me by they cannot hear

the songs that are always singing

themselves out of my brain

The Reason You Come:http://thebeatofmydrum.com/2011/01/13/not-about-love-for-thursday-poets-rally-week-37/

I try not to write about love, I do
Thinking maybe I’ll write about the sun
Or the moon, and how they both came undone
The frantic year they flew to my rescue
I try not to write about love, it’s true
Playing music in my mind until one
A.M., drumming a beat, sharps and flats none
Clothes ripped off to the beat without ado

But the feel of skin bared makes me think of
The way my body gravitates to yours
And how our bodies dance to their own flow
As night becomes another day of love
I realize obsession far outscores
The whim to write about what I don’t know

Layla James: http://iamlaylajames.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/poem-3/

I am a wild raging stallion.
I bolt through the high sierras taunting anyone to come catch me.

I kick hard, watch out, you’ll never catch me.
I gallop fast and hard and use it wisely against my admirers.

My coat is soft and shiny, but few had the pleasure of even getting close.
I have an unbreakable spirit, no one can even compare.
My heart is guarded with a huge metal safe. No one will be able to break it.

I am a skilled fighter. I am quick to attack and ever faster to defend.
I use my long sword to warn all wrong doers to beware.
I use my small knife to stab anyone who gets to close.
I am perfect in every form and will never admit to being wrong.
I am as stubborn as a mule, but as fast as a cheetah, ready to pounce on any moving thing.

I am guarded, protected and vicious. Beware I am a solider.
I have set up my defenses and raised my walls to in-scalable heights,
I have set my destiny up for the one thing I fear the most.

Being Alone.

It is my greatest fear, but yet my greatest defense.
The double-edged sword cuts deep into my impenetrable heart.

Robin: https://rrel.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/beautiful-one/

the river is near to take us
with few words it speaks clearly…

i felt you watch me as i slept. i reached my arms out
did you feel them?

you are listening… say something to me, beautiful one


Fellow artisans of this life .

Very few know that we are

Kindred Spirits

And have visited heaven.

We have glimpsed the creative nature of God

And his Spirit has imprinted upon us

His Chi.

For once He spoke

And all creation shuddered

But that voice which most refuse

Is that which drives us

And instructed us in our quiet

To show,


And by every means share

With those not blessed as we.

For we have glimpsed the nature of God.

The beauty of









Pain (Sweet and Repugnant).

It does not matter that you have

A tongue that permits no speech,

Limbs that refuse to obey,

A voice that can not be heard,

For all can hear

All can see

And all can feel

And be heard.

For as Kindred Spirits

We have been blessed

To interpret and convey

That voice which most refused;

Is that which drives us

And instructed us in our quiet

To show, tell

And by every means share –


Impaled wild wind
marks the reach of hoarfrost palls –
desolate plains moan.

Cold pillars unfold
a little white flake into air –
soon blizzards follow.

Rivers fell in ice,
and even waterfalls freeze –
time to learn skating.

Mountains dream away
waiting for tomorrow’s snow –
rice or peony?*

The length of a night
and a long sleep of clouds –
without a sound.

From cellar steps, the thing does come

takes pleasure in leisurely stead

wizened claws stretching

clicking of its tongue

it has  made its choice, in gargled voice

Ah no, not our dear sweet pea

take us first, just let them be!

A gleam of silver, she grabs an ear

rips flaxen silk in satisfied grunts

Cold is our flesh, shriveled is my heart of palm

It squeezes skin, inhales our fear

don’t make it cry

it will cut you fast

with bulging eyes, you cannot hide

so long my sweet, my little sprout

you’re collard now

down and out

Cloaked monk: http://cloakedmonk.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/water-2/


of life
fluid gold
river of myrrh
promised frankincense
mother gaia’s offshoot
in the beginning, she was
after the beginning, she is
when the beginning ends, she will be
her strong curves carving worlds into being

Marian: http://www.runawaysentence.com/2011/01/roswell.html

maybe you were sent
to remind me of my belly
full of bold assertions
or perhaps you are meant
to paint my dreams
such that i remember what i am
you are part of what lies
beyond the here
and now I’ve found a circle
maybe the aliens burnt you in the dirt
fueling you with enough evidence
that i believe you.

David: http://1meremortal.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/shattered/

Ambition exerted
On futile efforts
Rewarded by a
Condescending tongue
A good nature
Into shattered pieces
Flying shards
Slice away the mercy
Exposing a vicious mind
Seeking retribution
Instead it finds
Within a spirit
Now devoid
Of righteous behavior

Bodhirose: http://bodhirose.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/my-daughter-once-divorced-me/

My daughter once divorced me

when she was about eleven.

She accused me of too much “Virgo-ing”,

as she so noted in her claim.

And my lame attempts at moon-walking,

were, she said, “embarrassing to me”.

She was tired of me not listening

to her pleas regarding her lunches–

“I don’t want any mustard or mayo

on any of my sandwiches”!

I admit this, Your Honor, I couldn’t

seem to accept, Why would anyone

prefer plain, dry cheese bread?

She also declared that I yanked her head

while brushing her hair one day.

Well maybe I did, just that once, Sir,

but she kept repeatedly jerking it away.

She hated her bedroom wallpaper–

that “flowery, ugly red print”,

I agree, you’re so right, I should first have

obtained her consent.

I made her wear barrettes in her hair, to

keep her bangs at bay and couldn’t I find

another color besides pink for her to wear?

She complained that I wanted to kiss her

and have an occasional hug–

and why, oh why, did I hover around

and actually talk to all of her friends?

Also, spelled out in her detailed grievance,

was her request for our Sheltie, Leon;

And to wrap it all up–she wanted the house

and all of the contents within.

She drew up the document herself

on her own parent-provided computer

and then ceremoniously hand-delivered

it to me to regale in my expression of horror.

I still have that paper after all of these years to

remind me of that fateful era, when my own dear

daughter went to the extreme of “punking”

her long-suffering mother.

Deserted Rose:http://mysunshineforeverblogger.blogspot.com/2011/01/your-thing.html

Just do your thing
don’t regret a thing
lets plant our tree
with your seeds and my rain
share the pain
just as warm
beat that storm
don’t repent
I hear your anger
as i bent
to kiss two tears
hiding in a laughter
we may not write our fate
but we do carve our destiny

They say “Great ones walk alone”
happiness comes as a wicked loan
still you can make it
then bend it and break it
Illusions of ecstasy
Out of the nowhere
you make it to this everywhere
step up into your impossible
be that extremely unforgettable
in the madness of the crowd
Dance your silence out loud
These Lullabies
Of your awakened night
Laugh your heart out
Love is what you are about
Even the moon knows
For whom the stars pose
Their every single light
Serenades of Rhapsody

Scrap some smiles along
Listen to your own song
spread your wings and fly
when the tide is high
You are the reason and the why
as hard as the Rock
still as gentle, as a butterfly
savagely moistened,
yet tenderly dry
Sailing in your now
Hailing your own Tao
Enchanted mystery

You who nobody really knows
You who is all but what he shows
You who is darkened in his glows
You who makes it to my everything
just when you simply do your thing
Being what my life is all about
Rain and thunder
Fire and whisper
Flood in my Nile
Like an answered prayer
You, Come to my temple
Blooming my harvest around your Euphoric Monsoon.

Kellie: http://magicinthebackyard.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/on-a-bed-of-winter/

He removed his black silk hat
and cradled her wrinkled hands,
today there would be no magic.
His rose, lying on a bed of winter
petals fading from her cheeks,
and the sun setting in his palms.
Even spring lay in sorrows bed
accepting defeat,
as a million yesterdays
drip onto a cotton handkerchief

Linda: http://absolutepalaver.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/so-tired-am-i/

So tired am I

When will it end I cry

A thousand years old I feel

Will my wounds ever heal?

So tired am I

Cleanse him from me I try

Even divorce cannot erase

Even in divorce I cannot escape

So tired am I

I must say good-bye

If I am to make my mark

To create a new start

So tired am I

From me escapes a sigh

I paid in cash and tears

A price almost too dear

So tired am I

For my freedom I vied

But, I would have paid more

For he cannot break my core

So tired am I

I lay my head as if to die

I have erased his mess

And now I must rest

Dan: http://danroberson.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/when-a-mortal-and-the-gods-clashed/

It was evening and in the adult schoolparking lot,

Groups of young men met sullenly by their cars,

Handshakes with home boys were silently sought,

None looked too excited to learn their three R’s,

Despite a strict dress code in place for years,

They wore casual pants that sagged to their knees,

Some wore caps or hair nets over their ears,

Soon I would be saying, “Pull your pants up, please,”

While the young men waited, their faces were grave,

Low riders, new BMW’s, pick-ups, beefed up stock,

Were compared and evaluated for the status they gave,

Against a background of Mariachis, rap, and punk rock,

Soon the young men’s attention to cars grew thin,

Girls arrived, some with parents, some with friends,

Wearing tight jeans and tops that revealed too much skin,

I wondered, “How will lessons entice anyone to come in?”

First, one young lady entered, then two, then three,

I directed them to assigned seats around the room,

The boys watched the girls, the girls complained to me,

Do I have to sit here? Next to him I’ll be quiet as a tomb,”

I finished the roll and held up my hand,

“I expect you to be orderly the next time we meet,

This is your first night; I want you to understand,

You’ll come in quietly and sit in your seat,”

“Now I want you to listen and be quiet,

Focus on your English assignment tonight,

I want you to think deeply before you write,

‘What would you change to make the world right?’”

Melissa, did you want to share what you wrote?”

“Yes, Mr. R, I have things to clean from my life,

There are creatures that are in my life’s boat,

They ruin my dreams and cause me much strife,”

She looked around while she played with her hair,

She was an actress, letting the moment grow,

“I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, and I don’t care,

You’ve ignored me too much, the real me you don’t know,”

“My psychiatrist asks questions, he just has to die,

Along with two girls in gym class who played me for a fool,

My parents who said no to my boyfriend, and won’t say why,

I think I’m justified if I really lose my cool,”

“Two of my friends will join me in this endeavor,

This is not a harmless prank or a silly little caper,

History will be made because they owe me a favor,

Oh, yes, Mr. R, you too, because I had to write this paper,”

I called for security to remove her from class,

She left quietly, no smile on her face,

She met with her counselor and another big brass,

They brought her back in, “Where’s her place?”

“You don’t understand, she needs this class,”

I looked at big brass calmly, “I’ll just say no,”

The counselor said, “If she doesn’t get it, she won’t pass,”

“No,” I repeated, “Because of her threats she’ll have to go,”

Maybe I was stubborn, I would rather say resolute,

When the forces gathered I refused to bend,

To me this was more than a simple dispute,

I didn’t think threats should ever begin,

I found out she was a judge’s daughter with lots of clout,

Odin’s thunder rolled and lightning flashed,

She quickly re-enrolled and I was out,

The evening when a mortal and the gods clashed.


Let him go,

Always let him go.

Suffer edict; irresistible you will be.

You love him more,

More than you believe he will ever.

Days and nights pass,

Seasons, years may pass;

the day

Will dawn;

His path determined – unable to let you go.

You will know, you will KNOW –

Do the winds direct?

Are you ready?

If so,

It’s time,

Time to dive into the Abyss,

Both feet, hands,

More so the heart and head.

Never look back, never doubt;

He will KNOW and treasure you the more;

Up or down, bad and good.

The love you give

Will be but a shred,

A mere star in the galaxy of his ardor.

Never look back, never doubt.


A captivating view of colors and light;
A wink of his eye, a quiver of his lips.
A tear from her eyes, their warm embrace.
A beauty painted by life, viewed under lenses
– captured by the shutter.
Kept in a dark-infested room,
Until such magnificence is caught on paper.

I grab hold of it,
Stared at it.
Suddenly, mesmerized as I
– the lady whose tear fell –
remembered the feeling…
I held it close to my heart,
kept it.

Times I changed my calendar.

My hair is graying now,
my skin wrinkling.
I pull an old book of poems,
and a photograph fell from it.
I am taken aback as I marvel at the familiar place,
and the man with a younger version of myself.
A man I still remember,
but the feelings seems strange now.

Memories linger,
like the love we once felt.
But like photographs,
love fades…

In time.

Pony girl: http://onewriteroneblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/diamond-in-ruff.html#comments

You’re my diamond in the rough,
The kind of thing I can’t get enough,
I’d rob a bank for more of you,
Cause I’m addicted to what you do,
You’re my drug, you’re my curse,
And I think my conditions getting worse,
A million needles can’t give the kick,
Over those, it’s you I’d pick,
You give me heaven, then send me right back to hell,
This rush is the merchandise you sell,
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,
But your touch will be my end,
Can’t run from this, can’t hide my lust,
Without you, I’m only living just,
An overdose of you can kill,
But if that’s the price, I’ll take my fill,
Don’t look at me like your surprised,
You’re the only one who can be criticized,
Diamonds may be forever,
But this kind of stuff is now or never.

Pink: http://irenethebean.wordpress.com/2010/12/11/untitled-410/

The rusty wind
nearly drunk
above a white forest
all my after

Go on
Say away

The Lonely Recluse: https://lonelyrecluse.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/night-heart/

Down path long and old,

Low Night Heart will stride,

Through fell winter cold,

Cross frozen sea glide.

To the mountain tall,

The grand hidden lair,

“Beast” Night Heart must call,

Into its eyes glare.

Slay the dragon great,

The fiend’s hell fire braved,

Death’s thirst it shall sate,

Night Heart’s soul is saved.

Pat Cegan: http://patcegan.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/thin-red-line/

How often the thin red line
separates our extremes…
fairy tale flights of fantasy
cross into moments of madness.
Sighs of impatience
shift to roads filled with rage.
Sweet kisses of romance,
bitter taste of jealousy.

Like a tight rope walker,
we precariously balance
between our enlightenment
and damnation.

Are we so fragile
that a misplaced breeze
can send us toppling?
Or at that moment
when all seems lost,
can we reach deep inside
and grasp the Divine hand
that reaches out to steady us
keeping us strong and secure?

Sam: http://somehowpersonal.wordpress.com/2011/01/10/from-my-window/

The night falls on my city

The sun sinks into the sea… A calmness grows inside of me

I put off all the lights

Candles burning on a plate… Shadows dancing as I contemplate

Listening to my favorite band

Music playing at loud…The city beneath serves as a perfect background

Streets busy with life

Cars with headlights on…. A moving feast of light has just begun

Grand towers in the horizon

Glass and steel they blend… Man made jewels in midst of the desert sand

Jingle: https://thursdaypoetsrallypoetry.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/mark-down-your-innocence-when-the-days-are-covered-with-snow/

Tissue by tissue to a soul one grows,
As leaf by leaf the trees become trees,
Day by day, one learns and sows,
When the sun has fun seeing breeze.


Seeds of hope give one wings to fly,
One either winnowed to earth or whirled to the sky.
Life goes on,
Some survive while others die.


Wrinkles of a splash, on the water cease,
Body and soul, bend and stretch like these.
Elements to elements, cells to cells,
Individuals to individuals, dream for peace.


Feel the coolness when cool winds blow,
Listen to the music when the lure vibrates with its bow.
Giggle baby alike while enjoy the nature’s show,
Mark down your innocence when the days are covered with snow.

Poets Rally Week 38 Is 3 Weeks From This Week during Feb 17-23, 2011…

Thanks 4 The Attention!

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