Are We There Yet? (Sunday Prompts)

Write your story in vain,

Illustrate your tale in coal,

A writer without pain

is a body without a soul.


If you have a date at 8,

Arrive at 7 and wait,

Have your table pre-paid,

Finish everything in your plate.


If you wish to go hide,

I bet you do a horse ride,

The field will be wide and cool,

Fresh air will please you.


If you are having a writer’s block,

I bet you go boating in a lake,

Have fun fishing in a dock,

Jot down your feelings while awake.


Are we there yet?

How to get pass quagmire in our journey?

Let time carry you through, I bet,

Keep swinging like a pendulum between eternity and reality.


Treat your wounds in vain,

Decorate your emotions with coal,

A story that is pure plain

is a life without a goal.

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