Bless The Words (4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 34)

Bless the words,

4 they are as darting as swords;

Bless the strings of your instrument,

4 they are more resilient than your judgment;

Bless the blog hosts,

4 they offer your chance to do posts;

Bless the keyboard,

4 they are hardware of thoughts;

Bless the internet,

4 they are the magician of communication.

Bless the poets,

4 they write and share their beautiful souls.

Bless the shoulders,

4 they form a distinct shelter.

Bless your finger tips,

4 they are the ones pressing the keys to make online trips.

Bless the spine,

4 it is the reason you are here and feel divine!

This is Jingle’s entry for Thursday Poets Rally Week 34, a post will be up within 24 hours, If you have your entry ready now , please feel free to place your link under this post, I will link you in when I do the post tomorrow…Happy Tuesday!

Count your blessings!:)πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Every poet is welcome to join Poets Rally Week 34.