Love Is Unique

Love is personal,

love is unique,

Intense love contains

burning pains,

4 such love to remain,

One must have a taste of sun silver rain.

Prepare 4 abrupt misperceptions,

Get used to wield accusations.

Hold on tight to the kernel of dialectics,

Ignore politics.

Let love and light rain,

Drip, thrip, thud, thlong,

Let the celebration of love begin,

laugh, love, live, dance all around.


Room for Romance (Celebration of lights)

Big Tent Poetry (taste of sun silver rain)

Sunday Scribbling (Intense)

Three Word Wednesday (abrupt, kernel, wield)

Poets United (Sunday Poetry Pantry)

Z-A challenge (U is 4 Unique Love)

Thanks to Someone Is Special who gives Jingle Romantic Room of The Week Award on my Week 3 entry…

22 thoughts on “Love Is Unique

  1. Jingle,

    This is a beautiful poem and an extrodinary photograph. I really like how it opened

    Love is personal,

    love is unique

    it made me want to keep on reading.

    very nice poem.

  2. Beautiful is love! Wonderful is love!
    Love can just be love,
    And nothing can surpass love!🙂
    Congrats, Jingle for the award. U deserve it.
    Cheers, Punam

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