Love Is Unique

Love is personal,

love is unique,

Intense love contains

burning pains,

4 such love to remain,

One must have a taste of sun silver rain.

Prepare 4 abrupt misperceptions,

Get used to wield accusations.

Hold on tight to the kernel of dialectics,

Ignore politics.

Let love and light rain,

Drip, thrip, thud, thlong,

Let the celebration of love begin,

laugh, love, live, dance all around.


Room for Romance (Celebration of lights)

Big Tent Poetry (taste of sun silver rain)

Sunday Scribbling (Intense)

Three Word Wednesday (abrupt, kernel, wield)

Poets United (Sunday Poetry Pantry)

Z-A challenge (U is 4 Unique Love)

Thanks to Someone Is Special who gives Jingle Romantic Room of The Week Award on my Week 3 entry…

22 thoughts on “Love Is Unique

  1. Beautiful poem… :)

    “Let love and light rain,
    Drip, thrip, thud, thlong,
    Let the celebration of love begin,
    laugh, love, live, dance all around.”

    Lovely lines these….

  2. Interesting perspective

  3. Very sweet Jingle you did well with your Borrowed phrase from Big Tent!

  4. A wonderfully onomatopaeic line: Drip, thrip, thud, thlong, especially that last word. I may steal it!

  5. Oh, this sings a lovely song!!

  6. Love is really unique in expression but everybody must be feeling it alike.
    Very cute piece.

  7. How creative, Jingle, for you to incorporate all those challenges into one superb poem.

  8. Jingle,

    This is a beautiful poem and an extrodinary photograph. I really like how it opened

    Love is personal,

    love is unique

    it made me want to keep on reading.

    very nice poem.

  9. Beautiful is love! Wonderful is love!
    Love can just be love,
    And nothing can surpass love! :)
    Congrats, Jingle for the award. U deserve it.
    Cheers, Punam

  10. this is so very tender, loving and full of warmth.
    a very beautiful poem jingle. just loved it.

    lots of love.

  11. oh. so tender, so beautifully written Ji :) love is indeed unique :D

  12. Thanks for joining in The Tent.

  13. this is beautiful…
    let the celebration begin and never end :)

  14. Love is personal and uniquely expressed by each of us. Wonderful poem with a lovely illustration. Thanks, Ji!

  15. No politics, indeed, for a romantic day or evening!

  16. jingle how beautiful you have spoken in such an enlightening way to bring about the emotion of love… bird on a wire

  17. What a great piece, genius!!! can I add you to my blogroll?
    here is my entry for you

  18. Jingle,
    Such sweet words. Love is all around!

    Eileen :)

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