Agreement 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 32 Participants…

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 32 (November 4-10)

Please read and answer the following questions before participating Poets Rally week 32

#1: Is your poem for Poets Rally week 32 original? Please say YES or NO.

#2: Your entry is supposed to be 4 Thursday Poets Rally week 32, if you enter your piece to another online meme in the future or have done so previously, please let me know and mention it in your entry post.  Please say YES or NO, thanks.

#3: By counting you in, you are automatically a participant, which implies that you allow Jingle, the host, and other participants from the Rally unlimited access to your blog posts on that week, and you will NOT complain about how often people have visited or commented for your work.  Do you agree? Please give a clear YES or NO.

#4: To be counted as active poet next time, you must meet the requirements:

1): Return favors to those who have commented for you,

2): for the first poem entry, visit and comment for 18 poets that are NEW to you from participants list. Are you going to fulfill the requirements with your best knowledge? Please say YES or No.

#5: If you have answered YES to the FOUR questions above, now  you are expected to keep your words.  Once you fulfill your weekly requirement, you are formally a participant.  Jingle will honor your work by posting your entry poem on Promising Poets’ Parking Lot, Do you want your entry poem to be published on this site by Jingle? YES or No, please answer.  (This is optional, no punishment for saying NO)

#6: If you are nominated for The Perfect Poet Award, are you going to accept the award, following the rules to post a poem and nominate another previous participant? Please say YES or NO.  To avoid frustration, Jingle awards those who said YES…

#7: As a participant, you are representing Thursday Poets Rally, no personal biases, no negative comment, or email gossips are encouraged or tolerated. You are expected to follow the rules, focus on public commenting and encouraging, you do your own contribution, and respect decisions made by fellow poets or Jingle…Are you willing to work on building a positive, encouraging, and respectful poetry community by being modest, cool, and professional? YES or No, Please respond.


Please answer all 7 questions, FRESH poets can simply scroll down to visit participants from this list to meet requirement…you can visit the perfect poet award winners if you wish…Let me know after you are done…This is on behalf of both Jingle and participants, YOU, with this agreement, we are clear about our duty and complaints or potential issues are avoided…

Week 32 Participants Awards:

For this week’s participants Jingle will offer

The Most Painstaking Poet Award

The Most Enterprising Poet Award

To all participants who will attend Rally week 32 and have the willingness to share and encourage poetry.

PS: if you wish to opt out for the award, please comment to say: I prefer not to take the awards…Thanks.

Week 31 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

RiikaInfinityy (Accepted)

Jamie Dedes (accepted)

Olivia (Accepted)

Fiveloaf (Accepted)

Trisha (Accepted)

Heartspell (Accepted)


Leo (Leonnyes)(accepted)

Frayedges (Accepted)

Julielaing (Accepted)


William Manson

Notjeffery (Accepted)


Sina Saberi

Panda Wolf (Accepted)


Marlee-I Mystic (accepted)


Liliana Negoi

Kick Out The Jams

Naba Kumar Barman

Shawn Bird



Darlene (Accepted)

DiamondsAndDogs (Accepted)

Chamiechamz (Accepted)

Umapoems (Accepted)

Rashmi Jayakrishnan (Accepted)

Week 32 Participants list:



My story so far:

Colors of mind:,😉😉 ;))

jackjericho,😉😉 ;))


amarllyis (done,😉😉 ;))

Rashmi,😉😉 ;))

R0013: (done,😉😉 ;))

Creation Dreams:,😉😉 ;))

Diamondanddogs:,😉😉 ;))

Neha: (done,😉😉 ;))

The Juliebook: (done,🙂😉 ;))

Hope Rising: (done,😉😉 ;))

M. M.:

Malcolm: (done,😉😉 ;))

Amity: (done,😉😉 ;))

JP Leddy: (done,😉😉 ;))

Kavita: (done,😉😉 ;))

Strummed Words:

Sumit: (done,😉😉 ;))


yuuki-chan (done,😉😉 ;))

Shawn Bird (done,😉😉 ;))

WordsWorthMillions (done,😉😉 ;))

belladonna23 (done,😉😉 ;))

Lu Ann: (done,😉😉 ;))

Fearless Dreams:

Likewine: (done,😉😉 :))

U keep walking forward:   (done,😉😉 ;))

Daniel jay:,😉😉 ;))

Many musings and poetry:


A ruler’s kingdom:,😉😉 ;))



The third road:


Marit (I never thought it would happen): (done,😉😉 ;))


Source of Inspiration: (done,😉😉 ;))

Like a thought unchanted:



Glory:,😉😉 ;))

Riika: (done,😉😉 ;))

M. I. M.: (done,😉😉 ;))

Megzone:,😉😉 ;))

Alakaline: (done,😉😉 ;))


Jamie Dedes:,😉😉 ;))


Exploring life: (done,😉😉 ;))

Verse Escape: (done,😉😉 ;))


Robin: (done,😉😉 ;))

Lynna: (done,😉😉 ;))

Monica: (done,😉😉 ;))

I listened, Momma:,😉😉 :))

Ash Bee Zone: (done,😉😉 ;))

Christopher: (done,😉😉 ;))


Someone Is Special:,😉😉 ;))

Jingle:,😉😉 ;))

B: (done,😉😉 ;))

Vinay Chanagti:,😉😉 ;))

Leo: (done,😉😉 ;))



2zpoint: (done,😉😉 ;))



Scent of my heart: (done,😉😉 :))

Words4afriend: (done,😉😉 ;))

S. sharp: (done,😉😉 ;))

A. B. Thomas: (done,😉😉 ;))

The Reason You Come:,😉😉 ;))

Dr. Drmadangoyal:

Jessicas Japes,😉😉 ;))


somewhere else

Bodhirose (done,😉😉 ;))


Olivia (done,😉😉 ;))




Shashi: (done,🙂😉 ;))

Lola: (done,😉😉 ;))

Thoughtsnotlost: (done,😉😉 ;))

Sam373: (done,😉😉 ;))


(done,😉😉 ;))

Pages from my mind: (done,😉😉 :))

Ms. Peaches:,😉😉 ;))

Ina: (done,😉😉 ;))

Life, or something like it:

Celebrating A Year:


Inside My Poem Book: (done,😉😉 ;))

GK Asante:,😉😉 ;))

Above the cloud of thoughts:



Chick under construction:

mutedpoetchoo: (done,😉😉 ;))