Agreement 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 31

Welcome to Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 31 (October 21-27)

Please read and answer the following questions before participating Poets Rally week 31

#1: Is your poem for Poets Rally week 31 original? Please say YES or NO.

#2: Your entry is supposed to be 4 Thursday Poets Rally week 31, if you enter your piece to another online meme in the future or have done so previously, please let me know and mention it in your entry post.  Please say YES or NO, thanks.

#3: By counting you in, you are automatically a participant, which implies that you allow Jingle, the host, and other participants from the Rally unlimited access to your blog posts on that week, and you will NOT complain about how often people have visited or commented for your work.  Do you agree? Please give a clear YES or NO.

#4: To be counted as active poet next time, you must meet the requirements:

1): Return favors to those who have commented for you,

2): for the first poem entry, visit and comment for 18 poets that are NEW to you from participants list. Are you going to fulfill the requirements  with your best knowledge? Please say YES or No.

#5: If you have answered YES to the FOUR questions above,  now  you are expected to keep your words.  Once you fulfill your weekly requirement, you are formally a participant.  Jingle will honor your work by posting your entry poem on Promising Poets’ Parking Lot, Do you want your entry poem to be published on this site by Jingle? YES or No, please answer.  (This is optional, no punishment for saying NO)

#6: If you are nominated for The Perfect Poet Award, are you going to accept the award, following the rules to post a poem and nominate another previous participant? Please say YES or NO.  To avoid frustration, Jingle awards those who said YES…

#7: As a participant, you are representing Thursday Poets Rally, no personal biases, no negative comment, or email gossips are encouraged or tolerated. You are expected to follow the rules, focus on public commenting and encouraging, you do your own contribution, and respect decisions made by fellow poets or Jingle…Are you willing to work on building a positive, encouraging, and respectful poetry community by being modest, cool, and professional? YES or No, Please respond.


Please answer all 7 questions, FRESH poets can simply scroll down to visit participants from this list to meet requirement…you can visit the perfect poet award winners if you wish…Let me know after you are done…This is on behalf of both Jingle and participants, YOU, with this agreement, we are clear about our duty and complaints or potential issues are avoided…

Week 31 Participants Awards:

For this week’s participants Jingle will offer

T he Most Prideful Poet Award,

The Most Inspiring Poet Award

To all participants who will attend Rally week 31 and have the willingness to share and encourage poetry!

PS: if you wish to opt out for the award, please comment to say: I prefer not to take the awards…Thanks.

Week 30 The Perfect Poet Award Winners:

Kavita (accepted)


Dasuntoucha (Accepted)

Celebrating a Year (Accepted)

Gretchen (Accepted)

Ladynimue (Accepted)

Deadpoet88 (Accepted)

Gabriela Abalo (Accepted)



83October (Accepted)

Uncle Tree

Kristen Haskell (Accepted)

Kiera (Accepted)

Reetam Majumder (Accepted)

Shigune Matsui (Accepted)

Kimberly’s Page (Accepted)

dhitzunako (Accepted)

CrbianFool (Accepted)

Someone Is Special (Accepted)

B (Accepted)

PinkLady (Accepted)


thoughtsnotlost (Accepted)

Deborah Horton (Accepted)

liv2write2day (Accepted)


Lu Ann (Accepted)

Jingle (Accepted)

Week 31 Participants list:

Krishin: (done,😉😉 ;))

The Reason You Come: (done,😉😉 ;))

Kick Out The Jams: (done,😉😉 ;))

Modernity’s Muse: (Done,😉😉 ;))

Smurtis: (done,😉😉 ;))

Turboblues: (done,😉😉 ;))

Dan: (done,😉😉 ;))

Leo: (done,😉😉 ;))

Jingle (done,😉😉 ;))

Gabriela : (done,😉😉 ;))

Olivia: (done,😉😉 ;))


Kimberly: (done,😉😉 ;))

Someone Is Special: (done,😉😉 ;))

Ibok: (done,😉😉 ;))

Scent of my heart: (done,😉😉 ;))

Lisa: (done,😉😉 ;))

Uncle Tree: (done,😉😉 ;))

Bodhirose: (done,😉😉 ;))

Liz: (done,😉😉 ;))

The Ramblings of An Idiot:

Welcome to reality:

Inspired Destiny:

Riika: (done,😉😉 ;))

A B Thomas: (done,😉😉 ;))

just another girl: (done,😉😉 ;))

Dr. Madan: (done,😉😉 ;))


Shawn: (done,😉😉 ;))

Jamie Dedes: (done,😉😉 ;))

Alakaline: (done,😉😉 ;))

I Listened, momma: (done,😉😉 ;))

Messages In bottles:

Ladynimue: (done,😉😉 ;))


Thoughts Not Lost: (done,😉😉 ;))

Victoria: (done,😉😉 ;))

Panda Wolf:

Lynnaima: (done,😉😉 ;))

Megzone: (done,😉😉 ;))

W: (done,😉😉 :))

Endless Journey: (done,😉😉 ;))

Chris G: (done,😉😉 ;))


Mystic Mountain: (done,😉😉 ;))



Creation Dreams: (done,😉😉 ;))

Robin: (Done,😉😉 ;))

Hindawy: (done,😉😉 ;))

Celebrating A Year: (done,😉😉 ;))

Word4afriend: (done,😉😉 ;))

papo: (done,😉😉 ;))

Like Wine: (done,😉😉 :))

LeiffyV: (done,😉😉 ;))

Lu Ann: (done,😉😉 ;))

2zpoint: (done,😉😉 ;))

Hikki Chan: (done,😉😉 ;))

Diamondanddogs: (done,😉😉 :))

B: (done,😉😉 ;))

The journey called life: (done,😉😉 ;))

Poems |My World: (done,😉😉😉)

Gray words: (done,😉😉 ;))

Wysteria: (done,😉😉 ;))

Pink Lady: (done,😉😉 ;))

Tasithoughts: (done,:)😉 ;))

I never thought it would happen: (done,😉😉 ;))

Yeh u kno me: (done,😉😉😉)

luisydomonique: (done,😉😉 ;))

stars shined down: (done,😉😉 ;))

Ms. Peaches: (done,😉😉 ;))

A poem a day: (done,😉😉 ;))

The 10th muse: (done,😉😉 ;))

the Juliebook: (done,😉😉 ;))

Belladonna23: (done,😉😉 ;))

boababpaper: (done,😉😉 ;))

Keshav: (done,😉😉 ;))

Psyche of a woman:


The lost poet:

My Life Is A Notebook:

Funny girl Lola: (done,😉😉 ;))

Ash Bee Zone: (done,😉😉 ;))


Suzi: (done,😉😉 ;))

One sky, one destiny: (done,😉😉 ;))


This Week’s NEWS Flash: (visit and give your wishes from below)

Smoneone Is Special, one year blog anniversary:

Celebrating A Year, birthday on October 16, 2010, Happy Belated Birthday:

Talon: Belated Birthday:

Jamie Dedes, two years blogging coming soon:

Kavita, welcome back blogging:

Glad for your recovery:Riika

and Leo: Leo (Leonnyes)

Prayers for Annie’s recovery:

98 thoughts on “Agreement 4 Thursday Poets Rally Week 31

  1. Hurray!! Thank you for linking me in, Jingle.. you are too good! I am trying to catch up with all that I missed here in BlogLand:) It will take a while ofcourse…
    Also, thanks a bunch for the Perfect Poet Award… I will put it up as soon as I possibly can, but in the meanwhile, I would like to nominate Olivia as next week’s Perfect Poet! I think she just totally ROCKS!!!😀

    Loviezz…. and Happy Wednesday/Thursday!!!

    1. My Sweet Darling Kavita,
      Why aren’t you around here? I would have smacked huge sticky kisses!! Girlie.. I am honored- totally. * BOW * Lovies for you xoxox
      Happy Wednesday to you- I’ll keep the Thursday..😀

      Dear Ji,
      I actually came around to “yell” that I agree with all the conditions..:) Loads of Lovies for you too- while I sit at my Blog commenting and visiting others, I notice the number of pings that “tell” me about your hard- work to keep up the fun!! * Gratitude * again.. xoxox

  2. Hi, Jingle. Here is my first entry. It is an original. It has not been entered anywhere else. I do not mind how often people visit or comment. I think it is cool. I will do my best to return the comments and will visit 18 poets this week.
    #6: If you are nominated for The Perfect Poet Award, are you going to accept the award, following the rules to post a poem and nominate another previous participant? Please say YES or NO. To avoid frustration, Jingle awards those who said YES…
    And yes to number 7, too.

    Here is the link to my poem:
    It’s and old one.

    I hope I did this right. If I didn’t please tell me so and I will try again.

  3. Ji,

    First of all thanks a billion for your wishes Ji. I am happy to complete one year 1 day of blogging life..

    Yes to all Ji..

    Flash News : Oh thank you so much Ji..

    This time I will make sure I am reading all the entries.. Let me try Ji..

    And regarding the tag line? Is it good?

    Thanks a lot Ji.. once again for all Ji..

    –Someone Is Special–

    1. Sorry ,I forgot to thank you (out of excitement) Jingle for the invitation.
      Thank You very much Jingle .
      I very much appreciate your comments and support.It means a lot to people like me who just tries to write,who are not sure what she write is ok ..or not.

  4. hurray! finally after a long time I commented more than 20 poeters in a row.Done week 31 rally…
    Jingle,If not every thrusday ,can I come into the rally on thursday whenever I have time and comment as the agreement given..because of all other works involved me to do..I will give notice before whenever I cant come…Can I?

  5. HI Jingle…

    as per my entry listed on your blog last week, erroneously, here is my piece written on the 9/11 anniversary dedicated to vistims of terrorism everywhere

    Agnus Dei -Kaddish Agnus Dei -Kaddish

    there should be a prize for you for all the work you do here.



    1. it is not listed by mistake,
      I try to honor poets,

      you are not a participant until you sign in and place your entry link along with your comment.
      Glad to have you.
      thanks for the contribution.

  6. I wud like to participate

    Here’s my Poetry-cum-Rap

    …. THE GRIEF ….

    Yo!! Every day and night
    I always keep on Dreaming,
    Just to hide the damn fact
    Which I don’t want to believe in,
    I can’t take this anymore
    Coz’ those tears are still bleeding,
    Since those days won’t be cumin’ back
    So It’s Damn f*cking useless for a pleading.

    Since I m not a Waving flag
    I m not that damn stronger,
    Getting tamed by almost everybody
    Can’t take it anymore so longer,
    So, I Need a break from such Hell sh*ts
    As such things won’t get over,
    And finding an another place like Heaven
    Coz’ it’s the only damn place to Hover.

    Those nice days reminds me so much,
    Which even comes in your life very hardly,
    But soon, The Tables turned out-of-nowhere
    Where I’ve lost somebody very badly,
    Now It’s late to have remorse & regrets
    Coz’ the time has already gone out for a guilty,
    Still on a trail to find them out
    So much Truly, Madly and Deeply.

    So while walking though those sufferings
    Still hanging on with a self belief,
    That all those Dreams gonna be true someday
    Surely get back those senses of relief,
    But Damn It !! This won’t hide the f*cking reality
    and There’s no way I won’t deceive
    Coz’ I’ve lost my dear loved ones in the middle,
    and That’s THE BIGGEST GRIEF that I’ve ever received !!

    Still having a Dream every time I wake
    Though the clock yelling me out that ‘It’s too much late’
    Battling from those Nightmares, My life is now in stake
    Just making some new roads of my very dear Fate !!

    Though these Roads are very tough to move on
    Even its surface are very hard,
    But there is no way I m gonna give up like a Moron
    Not anymore in my own Yard.
    Those my loved might have gone to infinite
    Dunno how much they are far apart
    But still there’s a place for them
    & forever they reside in his HOLY HEART !!

  7. This nominating thing is hard, I liked everything I read so it pains me to even think of not putting down every name. I suppose the ones that stuck out for me were
    Ms. Peaches
    Caribbean Fool
    Mystic Mountain
    Great now my palms are sweaty, my stomach’s rolling…I feel like I’ve had to choose who would get the rations for the week on a deserted island….

    1. no extra credit,

      returning favors does not count but required, commenting on 18 is another measure,

      the benefits of commenting on more is all yours, you make more friends, get more feedback…
      Glad to have you.

  8. Ji,
    I wanna know the list of winners of week 31 poets rally week
    could you gimme the link .. ??

    I’ve seen a page earlier … at ur BLOG
    where u’ve mentioned the 5 awards to many poets including me ….
    is it true that i’ve got those awards ??

  9. …and I have just finished the required 18. And then some. Because this has been a treat! So many voices new to me, so many takes on some of the same tropes made brand new with another’s point of view.

    Thank you Jingle for finding me and pointing me to this lovely moon!

  10. Hi! I’m new here. Yes to all 7 questions. I wish I had known about this community before. I’ve been writing poetry for years. So, to be an active participant, I have to comment on entries from a minimum of 18 participants, right?

    I wrote the poem I’m going to share with you a while back. Actually, I wrote something else recently, but I’d rather share The Lover of the Seraphim because it’s one of my favorites. Here’s the link:


  11. Hey there, sorry for my late reply.. Just saw your message among my mails.. Was away the past days.. Yep, I am ready, all geared to join but forgive me though, I am a little confused how to get it started.. So yeah, as instructed, I am letting you know that I am all ready..:):)

    1. easy,

      read comment above you,

      link in a poem entry and tag poets rally,

      then visit and comment for a minimum 18 poets from my list, you comment for poets NEW to you, check one by one and visit and make friends with NEW entries…participant list, right?

      triple cheers.
      love your participation.😉😉

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