55 In Big Ten Poetry Challenge

And skirt
On a lifeless child,
Debris of tree leaves in the wild,
Swarming mosquito near a dock,
Half-eaten apple next to a clock.
Do you have the backbone
To collect evidence
And make use of the telephone
To seek answers?
Problems are temporary,
Chant the praises
of God,
Enjoy the raises
and nod.


Flash Friday 55

Big Tent Poetry

32 thoughts on “55 In Big Ten Poetry Challenge

  1. This feels like really there are three stanzas. First there is the surreal painting of reality, and reality is so terrible it features a dead child, the worst thing that can happen. Then there is the strongly asked question…we want answers, and are you, dear reader, courageous enough to do what it takes to get and face the answers? But then we are given the over arching view that this is all temporary and God is in charge, for which we are to rejoice. This poem reminds me of the Book of Job in the Christian Bible rather precisely.

  2. Hey Jingle, this is an awesome 55…very well done. It does have its chilling moments, but you raise it up in the last lines.


    I tried to leave a link on the Big Tent Poetry site…not sure if it worked. Is that site comment monderated?

  3. Penetrating invitation to get outside of modern saturation of media and really interact with reality – a dead child. So many children will die today. Yet, the speaker’s invitation wisely sees that most will just nod (O dear) and continue to collect the pay stubs. Enjoyed this social observation of compassion fatigue.

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