Outstanding Poetry Communities To Share

Poets United is about sharing and expanding the poetry community. They have many features and it is great for poets to enjoy the alternate avenue while sharing and enjoying poetry in general.

Magpie Tales – Magpie is a wonderful photo prompt site with highly talented writer, most of them POETS who always contribute with their multi-layered wisdom.  The prompts typically go up on Thursdays and writings inspired by the prompt spread all over the internet till Tuesday morning. If you are looking for inspiration then this is a great place to go. Jingle has been attending magpie tale for a few months now, it is an enjoyable challenge, Willow the host is a poet herself.

Writer’s Island – Writer’s Island is a weekly poetry prompt site that supplies great prompts.  You have the chance to stretch your mind and apply your wild imagination.  Their prompts are put out every Saturday, an excellent time for you to unwind.
This is new to Jingle, but everyone is encouraged to try and enjoy the fun!

Big Tent Poetry – Big Tent poetry is a great outlet for poetry in all perspectives.  They have poetry bloggers along with prompts. They also have interactive interviews, columns or encouragements for you to enjoy. NEW to jingle, would love to explore.

Image originally designed by Adam Dustus

and Modified by Trisha at Trisha

Thursday Poets Rally  is hosted by Jingle at Jingle, In the first 23 weeks, it is run on weekly basis, Poets Rally represents fresh poets for participants to explore, each participant is required to comment for a minimum 18 fresh poets, or poets NEW to them either from participants list or from fresh poets list. There are two official awards for the Rally, The Perfect Poet Award is nominated by previous week’s winners and is given to 20 poets who are previous participants, The Celebrate Poet of Monthly Award is given to poets who are nominated by Jingle and have won the most votes …In general, top 20 poets win, and runner up and honorable mention awards are also assigned to encourage all the poets who are either nominated, voted, or commented…Poets Rally is an awesome place to be exposed to FRESH and TALENTED poets and become recognized by their efforts via the community policy. Thursday Poets Rally outreach program, the representation of fresh poets is outstanding and unique in many ways, we run like a stream, and our community is always dynamic, fun, and attractive to many talented souls. Everyone who writes poetry and has a blog is welcome to our Poets Rally.

Thank You for reading, have a fine tuned Wednesday!


28 thoughts on “Outstanding Poetry Communities To Share

  1. Jingle, that’s so cool of you to post that info. I hear about Magpie Tales, but never knew what it is exactly. It’ll be fun checking these out! Also, that was nice of you to mention me and trisha. I’m happy when I spot your award on blogs—reminds us of the uniting you’ve done and continue to do, unselfishly🙂

  2. Thanks for your kind words, as per usual Jingle. I’ve been way too busy with school and my writing to participate as much as I’d like to, but I’ll more get involved soon.

    Thanks for compiling these recourses for poets and creating a community for us to communicate with each other.

  3. Jingle,

    If I may, I would humbly include The Undead Poets Society at http://undeadpoets.wordpress.com in the list above.

    Undead Poets come in all shapes, sizes, sexes, and genres; whether you danse macabre, have fangs, are zombie-like, or are just a living poet (and therefore “undead”), if you share these things in common with us, you are welcome:

    # We love poetry – its meter, its rhyme (or lack thereof), and how it joyously trips lightly out of our thoughts, through our pencil/pen/keyboard/quill and onto the page;

    # We write all kinds of poetry, for many different genres (not just the “macabre”) and many different age groups – from poems for children/MG/YA, to poems for any age; and

    # we are “undead” i.e. we are (most of us anyway) rather alive.

    Rhyme on!

    Tim Keeton
    (Undead)Poet / Wizard / Teller-of-tales

  4. What a great list! I am interested in new places to share my work, although I don’t have as much time to write as I would like right now. But in the future . . .🙂

  5. I appreciate these links dear Ji🙂 thank you so much.

    You reach across the world,
    your words fly to me,
    landing on my page. I see you,
    and come immediately
    heart full of joy to be here,
    watching everything you do.
    You are inspiration,
    You are at one with the world.
    Your enthusiasm, diligence,
    good grace, wisdom, wit,
    all fall neatly into place
    and I share you with others.
    I am part of all of it!


    Thanks for the heads up over at my page

  6. Thanks for the comments on the poems on my site. I really think that your site is a great idea and a well needed platform for blog poets, keep up the good work!

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