october write mon day 28: a challenge to do my favorite poem

October writ month for fun
here is my take on the challenge:
getting up from dreamland of unknown
I see the day bright as usual,
pouring skim milk to my cereal bowl,
I chew what I feel confident and fitwords echo from the mouth of a dragonfly,
thoughts buoyant on restless waves,
to know about being positive, pessimistic, inauspicious,
I let myself sanguine and use my figures to bear wordsOctober month is 31 days long,
poetry writing is a marathon from Chicago Chinatown,
a look from Witches to Knights makes all blink,
Saint Anna, Saint Thomas, and Saint Louis keep spamming the porn.

a book by someone is special now is available at amazon

the first book by someone is special as an editor
and a compiler is available on Amazon Kindle Store worldwide for a very minimal price. It is a collection of 25 short stories on Friendship, selected, compiled and edited by me and published by Shades Publications.

Stairs by Rod E. Kok: American Holiday Today: Happy Columbus Day!

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Image result for columbus day 2015

Good day and happy weekend, dear reader. Welcome to day 3 of OctPoWriMo. Today we are prompted to write shape poetry. We are to write about something that drains us, something that depletes our energy. My words today do not talk about this out right, but I hope you can see what my experiences are as a bipolar person. I hope you can feel my tiredness in verse 1, along with the opposite in verse 2. It is subtle, but it is in there. Along with that, I hope you see the stairs. 
Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 3, 2015



down these

stairs, my mind

plays tricks on me

as I descend into the

dark recess of depression.

I find the cold floor; I am curled

up in a ball, trying to stay warm as

I wait for help to come and rescue me.



up these

stairs. Your

strong arm is my

guide, your love takes

me out of darkness; You

wrap me in your warmth, your

breath fills me with hope. My prayer

is to never go down these stairs again.

Lucindanne (a short story slam form)

when the french soldier Lawrence first enrolls in Standford University, San Francisco, he has a woman of fantasy whose name is
Lucindanne, and they have spent years enjoying their freedom of love, creativity, and data analysis. after chrostopher, jerry, benjamin, and eric join their team, they become more well known for their big goal in cyber space, people do give credit to Gloria, Victor, Carlson, and Sergey, and they have fun google up peter, sarah, mimi, julio, alicia, alison, sophie, and chad…
there are aliens from Laos who try to obtain fame from western country, that’s when the ceo of youtube agrees to accept Ponca, Peking, Sony, Facebook, Cisco, Yahoo, and Firefox…and they have become world famous for supporting their distant opponents
and the Jack Jack Hare looks at John Bartley, and grins a big wild grin from Walt Disney.
Saint Mary, Saint Michelle, Saint Angela, Saint Anthony, Saint Princeton, Saint Francis, and Saint Robertson all join Lucindanne, and the fairtales continue with Venetian, Sands, Christina, Patricia, Florence, Thomas, Vicki, and Abbey.