short story slam week 38, dreams from abigail

Hot Springs won’t impress Abigail,
Nor does Yellow Stone National Park
Houston Space Center inspires Abigail,
So does Orlando Epcot Disney World
Hands-on Experience in science museum seems excellent,
We value the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Chewing the words by Mother Goose,
Abigail dreams about Getting Loose
Online news is freelance posts,
Library books carry infinite spirits
To be free, at large,
Abigail runs, away from Mountain View
When Abigail stops dreaming,
that’s when the clock hauls from clicking

Happy Six Year Anneversary to poetry rally

it begins with a thought

it grows in water

in rich soil

it changes by years

it lightens others

through free verse

that’s how a jingly rally

turn into a yummy treat

those who follow have passion

on freedom of expression

and on short fiction composition

look at the promising parking lots

or hyde park poetry palace slot

thousands of bloggers

means thousands of poetry book pages

when a monkey jumps for fun

poets at large redo their rhyming

on earth,

through the divine

happy new year from polly chan

lorinser lexus poets rally year sixth

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ossm people who happen to carry kindness, love, and passion to the ordinary folks

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Evan Shebester

Dan Little

Sarah Little

Carol Conner

Dorothy Dodd

Suzanne Dillard

Johanna Lee

Gary Salwierak

Lynn Morgan

Frank Wang

Xifan Liu

Christopher Shrock

Mark Li

ruibo Li

Terry Berryman

Ana Moore

Nathan Wood

Abbey Wood

Richard Yang

Dan Vossen

joseph Skeen

Debra Cook

Susan Greenwood

Fazlur Rahman

John Reed

Diana Frost

Jorge Lozoya

Morgan Pearson

Colby Moore

Diana Li

Jessica Justus

emily bird

anna Marie Evans

Marge Jones

Nocolas Murphy

David Kighuradze

Emily Dial

Annie Davis

Janayah murray

Samantha Okere

Victoria Pickens

Cody Poteet

Avi Revah

Jimmy Shackford

sophie shackford

Joy Suh

Alex Underwood

Kobby Wiafe

Alvina Zhang

Richard Huang

Jack Cannon

Vy Dinh

Josh hill

Rynel Luo

Willa Xie

Tina wu

Wate woo

tom Lee wu

laura taylor

ben loper

kelly chaver

sierra sallee

tuzo mwarumba

gabrielle nguyen

treston pope

yaseen shurbaji

todd holm

edward lee

christopher clark

morton schapiro

mimi schapiro

ken hansen

bob cooper

pat quinn

jerry brown

sarah palin

bristol palin

pipe palin

todd palin

al gore

bob cole

even tonsing

sydney froster

douglas froster

megan thiefing

mark turner

jack turner

megan turner

tara miller

cole miller

logan miller

abby kelly





powerful people from ok california and mo

lyfe jennings

Gene Triplett

Zach Hale

Sammy Hagar

angela chambers

tim farley

charles koslowske

barb hoffmann

john hoffmann

Shannon hoffmann

Cameron carrell

jerry carrell

lynnette pate

fern gavelek

jack richards

mark klaschka

ston molkey

sara hodon

angela foell

cindy hoover

jerry brown

seychelle moore

carlo mireles

jeffrey williams

gina lambert

gina noble

john bartley

jay higgs

linda woo

dennis francis

jennifer davis

peter constantin

nicole nuccio calvert

mimi maternity

brent moody

taryn goodwin

edward lee

chuck reed

chris clark

edward lee

kim bryan

short stroy slam week 35: love can not be true without a home

short story slam week 35, Dece 17 to Janu 10, 2016


nathan greenwood

nathan greenwood omea 2015


when efforts are given a discount

humanity comes to our view

things turn around, yet not to be forgotten


a tree folds its arms

when a December snow hits the earth

wishing you all Merry Christmas


a dog is angry

due to its lose of its owner and its food bowl

feed the homeless and smiles!