Schmidt lecturer predicts higher ed’s future: Lifelong, tech-based learning instead of 4 years

UT-Arlington’s Siemens says professors will track student engagement, students will take ‘learner profiles’ with them

We know about the clicker – a handheld device that lets professors pose a question and learn almost instantly how many students understand the material.

Education researcher and MOOC pioneer George Siemens knows what comes after the clicker.

He’s predicting a data-rich environment where students wear new devices – or simply the Fitbits and Apple Watches they already own – conveying information about whether they’re engaged, anxious or bored. Professors will use eye-tracking technology to know whether they’re looking at the screen up front or the smartphone in their laps.

Siemens, here Wednesday for the Schmidt Family Annual Educational Technologies Lectureship, is executive director of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab at the University of Texas, Arlington, but his grad students work in schools across the U.S.

With today’s technology, why shouldn’t they? Siemens contends.

“We have to do away with the idea of geographically combined research labs,” he told his audience at Vanderbilt University School of Engineering. “You’ll find this hard to believe, but not everybody wants to come to Texas.”

In a lecture titled The Future of Learning: Digital, Data-Driven, and Distributed that was by turns humorous and visionary, Siemens outlined a new kind of higher education where the 18-to-22-year-old student attending a university for four years is virtually nonexistent. Even now, only 50 percent of university students attend school full-time, and the average age for new students is rising.

“More students with more varied backgrounds are entering,” Siemens said. “At the same time, there is a massive reduction in state support of public education across the board, from 62 percent of costs in 2005 to 51 percent in 2014.

“If you don’t have an education, the doors of opportunity are getting smaller and smaller.”

Future students will travel in and out of educational systems their entire lives, reinventing themselves as the career market or their changing interests prompt them, he predicts.

A “learner profile” or “personal learning graph” will follow them throughout their working years, keeping track of knowledge and skills acquired both in classrooms and on the job. When they return to universities for more classes, admissions employees will personalize a course of study that gets them where they want to go quickly instead of issuing standardized schedules.

And students will learn in a combination of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and in person, depending on what they want and need.

He called for more use of big data and neuroscience to adapt curriculum to the way people learn, while warning that one size will never fit all when it comes to education, and not everything with the title “neuroscience” or “brain-based” slapped on it is meaningful.

“Have you heard that phrase ‘brain-based learning?’” he said. “You all are engaged in butt-based sitting right now.”

The lectureship’s focus is to explore advances in digital learning and how those apply in practice. Doug Schmidt, associate chair for computer science and professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and his parents, retired Navy Capt. Raymond P. Schmidt and Roberta R. Schmidt, created the lectureship.


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poetry rally week 83, nutrition or free verse (number two)


the sky cries hard
she feels like a broken arrow

far from Spage Yee home,
we find Qingwei Yao stir strong fire on her stove

a guy from Lafayette, IN speaks,
he calls Hua Yong, Hansheng Pan, and Xi Sun names

folks hearing him may disagree,
despite that the sky continues pouring her sober tears

the road is wet,
my car wheels roll with sad splashes

future unknown
life becomes sane

by dawn,
some notice the orange cue from the vanishing sun ray

wild geese waddle in silence,
Qing Wu, Jenny Wu, Patrick Flynn, Flavio Rocha, and Yi liu clutch their fists

rain, rain, rain,
it sheds thousands of years of sorrow

confused drivers,
yaya’s cafe takes visitors from Penn Yan village

new york city glances
the wall street journey halts

new jersey,nj, scranton, pa, cross chicago, il

mary wood
scranton, pa

lorriaine book
whiteney constantino

joseph biden
hanah constantin


jason konstantinidis
hanah montana

scott bender
chan kang

bucyrus, oh
totowa, nj

micah constantino
robbert dijkgraaf

robert constantin
liz lempert

angelo ferrante
hames cahill

fitzrandolph road,
wilkie lane

william courtright
pierra constantin

allison constantin
nocolas constantin

susan konstantinidis
an constantin

andrew constantin
aaron constantin

mary oneal
stellato james

renee constantin
janet constantin

steven peake
susan zolovick

jennifer konstantinidis
thomas carey

chaogui zhang
qing wei

buffy constantin
shane constantin

barbara craig
joan craig

stephan wilson
joe romney

three bunny rabbits’ tales

one from Harvard Square

one from Beverly Hill

one from Big Apple


Alissa Owen and Scott Pippen settle Teresa Yvan down,

Arzelar Leming and Makerzie Wise complete with Amelia Wood,

Chris Fine and Jeannette Ella absord zestful Baples Yuwin grill


one speaks German

one speaks Italian

one speaks English


When Emma Watson decides to form friendship with Bristol Palin,

Amelia, Baples, and Teresa explore mountain Neil

Three bunny rabbits, none agress to quit one’s free will

facebook ceo, deloitte ceo,ebay ceo,pimco, aol, all cook people

Image result for deloitte

Image result for deloitteDeqin or Bersin

Image result for pimco

Image result for aol

when brad henry stands next to Cale Curtin,

angel Masinergh shepherd feels the Deloitte Bersin

because modern technology is fabulous thing,

we do look at AOL mail, pimco, ebay, facebook, yahoo,

and we do grind mills via Connie Fawsett and Debbie Leftwich avenue

despite that Ralph Shortey enjoys Megan Crow,

We see Stan Baton smiles at Amanda shank;e-Knowlton

when Sheryl Sandberg involves google and William Brinn,

we see more interesting stuff in between,

Bradley Page shall pay attention to Kimberly Southworth,

Barbara Wood must meet expectation to Owen Watts,

if Thongkham Peky refuses to print the name of Kaci Shanahan,

things may go rotten between Taylor roberts and Jzma Hajiyani,

I am sure Jan Eric Cartwright flags Jim Wilcoxen, or Robert Mason,

we appreciate Katie charles, Julius Ghandi have fun in the court room with Julie Smith

Doug Perkins, Nick Klein, Ashley Lugrand, Kamp wood, Logann Wilson, and James Waldo








how a kunchong rise to paradise?

thinking back,

childhood fun without a toy store is also tickling,

look far, look near,

we see butterfly, humming bird, firefly,

we see green frogs, dragonfly wings,


nature is our teacher,

Green implies Lu or Qing,

a dragon is a long as a fictional character,

a dragonfly is Qing Ting as a Kunchong,

Pu Tian Chong Qin means we all jump for joy


my childhood has passed by without man-made toys,

I play with sand, marbles, jumping boxes, jumping ropes,

i also kick soccer balls and throw rocks into a river,

i fish by hand when I walk through rice paddles after a rain,

I rise boats crossing Yalu river, visualizing Pyongyang, Fiji, and Hanoi,

a trip to Yukon or Changsa is profound.

Image result for firefly at night time

Image result for dragonfly

Image result for moth


short story slam week 38, dreams from abigail

Hot Springs won’t impress Abigail,
Nor does Yellow Stone National Park
Houston Space Center inspires Abigail,
So does Orlando Epcot Disney World
Hands-on Experience in science museum seems excellent,
We value the Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
Chewing the words by Mother Goose,
Abigail dreams about Getting Loose
Online news is freelance posts,
Library books carry infinite spirits
To be free, at large,
Abigail runs, away from Mountain View
When Abigail stops dreaming,
that’s when the clock hauls from clicking